Smart Home Gadgets to Deal with Allergies


Many of the smart home devices that are available in the market today take care of our day to day errands like switching the light off and on or taking care of the water temperature as we get into our homes after an apparently busy day.

But we all want to breathe in a lungful of fresh air as we wind down to relax. And with the amount of pollution both outdoors and indoors, we often find it difficult to find clean air inside our homes or offices. Here is a rundown of some of the best smart home gadgets that allow to breathe easier with the help of intelligent technology irrespective of the season.


AlerSense is a honeycomb-shaped monitor which is Wi-Fi-enabled and is equipped with four sensors to keep a check on the of air inside the home, temperature, humidity and particles to read the pollen, dust, mold spores and airborne dust mite allergens together with other toxins and chemicals that might be present in the air and it is good at alerting owners whenever necessary. The device also understands which air quality affects specific individuals inside the home and alerts them based on their feedback together with cloud-based algorithms and AI.


Molekule is kind of a revolution in the line of air purifiers. It works on the basic principle of trapping and offending toxins that are airborne and eventually destroys them. The device employs nanotechnology and is good at eliminating allergens, bacteria, mold and viruses together with other airborne chemicals. Molekule air purifier breaks down these particles into small molecules and again releases them back into the atmosphere as harmless parts.

Keen Home Smart Vent Systems

One of the best ways to keep the quality of the air inside your home at an optimum level is to first prevent harmful chemicals and other pollutants from entering the home. The system is packed with many smart-home features that are just right for the HVAC-equipped homes which allow the home owners to control the temperature, humidity and airflow through the smartphone app. The best part about this system is that each of the clever vents can be easily outfitted with smart air filters which are good at killing harmful germs that generally cause asthma attacks.

Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

We all know that not all dust allergies are caused by polluted air. Sometimes, allergens may also be the by-product of pet dander. In such a case, the Neato Botvac Connected pet hair pulverizer comes as a rescue to many home owners. It is a combination of a smart robo and a vacuum cleaner that can be easily controlled via a smartphone or even by voice commands. You can just shout out “Alexa, ask Neato to vacuum the floor” and the device readily obeys the orders.