Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Out Over Cambridge Analytica Breach


Mark Zuckerberg has finally admitted that Facebook made some mistakes which resulted in the exploitation of data related to millions of members of the famed social network by a political consultancy.

Cambridge Analytica (CA) which was the mastermind during the US presidential elections and worked in favour of the Trump team is accused of using the data improperly on behalf of its political clients.

Zuckerberg agreed and said in a statement that a breach of trust had indeed occurred and apologized and also pledged that he would initiate action against the rouge apps. He further added that he was actually happy to testify before the Congress if it is the right thing to do.

He also posted a statement on Facebook that would make it difficult for any such apps to store and harvest information about the users in the future.

He said that Facebook has the responsibility to protect user data and that they do not deserve to serve the users if they fail at it.

On the other hand, a Facebook insider was quoted saying that the social network has lost sight of the data while many of the advertisers have warned Facebook due to this breach.

But again, Zuckerberg seems to have some plans to address the current and also some past problems. He said in a statement that Facebook will investigate all the apps that are likely to store user information. For this, Facebook needs to go back to 2014 when it reduced data access by changing its platform.

He also said that Facebook will also come forward to conduct an audit to see and keep in check any suspicious activities by any apps. It will also ban accounts of app developers that did not bind to its audits in a thorough manner.

In addition to this, he said that Facebook will also ban all the developers that have previously misused any sensitive and personally identifiable information like selling the information to third parties for various business needs. It will also inform all the members affected of any specific app.

Facebook is also planning to restrict data access by the developers even a little further to prevent any similar abuse in the future. It will also remove any access of the user’s data by the developer if any user is not active on the app for more than three months.

It also has plans to create new platform that will further reduce the data that is given by the users to a particular app when they register. Facebook is planning to make it as simple as allowing a sign in by using just the name, email and a photo for the profile.

It will also require all the developers to sign contracts and also obtain required approval in order to allow them to access any private data.

While stringent measures should be taken to avoid such kind of issues with apps and social media networks that people trust so much, it doesn’t make any change to what has already happened. The incident calls the users to be more informed and protective especially when sharing private and sensitive data with any apps and social networks.