Indian IT Firms Turn to Bots to Improve Productivity


Indian IT firms which were earlier making use of bots for internal purposes are now even deploying them for their clients as the use of bots in carrying out different functions both internally and externally is increasing the productivity and efficiency of the firms.

These bots are actually a type of typical software that acts independently and autonomously in carrying out a specific task without the need for any human intervention and are used for common scenarios where the tasks were performed by humans.

Many IT firms have been resorted to bots for carrying out various tasks both internally and externally over the years and now the companies are coming forward to report on the number of bots that they have deployed for different purposes. For instance, Mindtree, a mid-tier IT services firm, has recently reported that I has deployed as many as 335 bots last year.

Rajesh Kumar R, head of automation at Mindtree said in a statement, “While some number of bots always existed over the past few years, this year we decided to do a census and make it public as we thought it was an appropriate time.” “Bots are complementary to the workforce – not disrupting it,” he further added. It seems like the number will further go up.

Even Tech Mahindra is making use of its internal organization as a test-bed for all applications related to the use of bots. Together with client deployments, most of the bots here are being used for performing a range of different HR processes.

Tech Mahindra’s global head for artificial intelligence and automation George Mundassery said in a statement that the company is in plans to deploy as many as 10,000 bots across its ecosystem as AI and robotics are redefining different processes at the workplace.

A recent Forrest survey also revealed that within five, about 85 per cent of all the interactions within an organization will happen with the help of software robots. It also reported that more than 87 per cent of CEOs are looking for ways to use bots to expand their AI workforce.

While the use of bots in small numbers may not severely affect tasks performed by humans, job loss concerns will become more real when the bots are deployed in thousands.

Richard Lobo, head – human resources at Infosys said that the use of bots will not typically mean that they will eliminate jobs. “It will just bring people to focus their attention on different kinds of jobs. This includes jobs that are high on thinking, creativity and require human interaction. So, while some jobs get eliminated, many more will be created and they will be more interesting,” he said.

According to reports, there was a 67% drop in net employee addition even if the growth of revenues continued. This is because employees whose roles are considered as useless are retrained and deployed in other roles that are more challenging. This means that even if the jobs are not eliminated altogether, there is definitely going to be a reduction in the number of jobs available for people.