Google Launches Chrome 66 for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOs and Android


Google has released the Chrome 66 browser for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOs. The announcement was made officially on the Chrome blog.

One of the major anticipated feature of the new Chrome stable build is its ability to disable auto-playing of the video content meaning that some sites that automatically play YouTube and other video content on their pages will not be able to do so with the new Chrome 66 stable build.

The new version of Chrome will also allow the users to specifically mute the content on a particular website. It will further include the Site Isolation Trial feature that will focus on improving Chrome’s security and will further bring down any potential risks caused by the Spectre flaw.

There are also number of bug fixes in the new version of Chrome and it is rumoured that Chrome 66 for Android will allow the users to find their passwords more quickly than ever. The new version will not trust any websites issued by the legacy PKI from Semantec before June 1 2016.

Google provided the complete change-log of all the settings and security issues that will be fixed by the new Chrome 66. It added, that it will provide limited access to all the bug fixes until most of the users are updated with the fix.

The new version will also have an Export Passwords feature that will enable the users to download their passwords and then export them onto different apps where they can later use. All the users will need to do is just tap on the new Search icon in the Settings followed by Passwords option where they can export them to other apps.

The new rollout reflects that Google has been working on different ways to provide better experience to the users and in that have a better control over the audio in their browser. One of the company’s spokesperson was quoted earlier saying that unexpected media playback was considered as annoying to many users as it uses up data and power while also causing unwanted noise while the user is browsing.

The Chrome 66 that was released back in January 2018 also had a feature wherein the users were able to disable sound for specific sites by just right clicking on a tab and then selecting the option to mute the site.