Skype 8.0 Launches for Desktop with More Promising Features


Microsoft has launched the latest version of Skype, the Skype 8.0, which will be replacing the older classic version or Skype 7.0 and the company is encouraging the users to replace the older version with the new one soon as the Classic version will cease to perform from September 1, 2018 and any remaining users of the older version will be forced to install the latest version.

The new version seems to be a major update that adds many features and more promised to be included in the near future. After the users have updated to the latest Skype version, they’ll be able to use the drag and drop functionality for file sharing in the conversation window and can share up to 300 MB of photos, videos and other files simultaneously. It also includes HD video, built-in call recording and other features

Together with all these, the new version also includes a chat media gallery function where the users can have a look at shared content without the need to scroll back to chat history. Microsoft has also mentioned that it will roll out further features very soon together new additions for the iPad including personalised themes, chats lists, quoted messages, and mentions among other features that are still unspecified.

Skype also made a statement on its blog requesting the users to switch over to the latest version to avoid any quality and reliability issues that may result from the old technology interoperating with the new one. Skype further claimed the update to be the most powerful yet flexible of its versions.

Skype has rolled out an update for desktop last year and included new design with color-coding in chat messages and reaction emojis. Despite having more than 300 million monthly users, Skype no longer appears to be in a growing position due to increased competition from the likes of WhatsApp, Messenger and Apple’s FaceTime.

Microsoft has focused on consumer-friendly features and assured that it will add more support in the coming months like support for profile invites, group links for chats and calls, and receipts for read messages which Skype Preview included recently. Skype’s video call feature can include up to 24 people and it has also included @ mentions that seem to be Twitter-inspired.