Microsoft Announces Windows Collaboration Display Platform for Offices


Microsoft is all set to launch its Windows Collaboration Display to make the meeting rooms smarter. The new displays support features including multi-touch and stylus input and are equipped with clear sensors to offer an all-new experience in the otherwise bored meeting rooms. According to reports, the announcement regarding the launch of the displays will be made at Computex 2018 this week.

While there not much information about the new displays, according to the company, they appear to be quite similar to the company’s own Surface Hub digital whiteboard. However, the display will be a non-compute peripheral that will extend the experience of a PC desktop to the board room level. In other words, they work along the lines of a large display rather than working as a stand-alone unit.

The new system is built on Microsoft 365 tools and will work the company’s other offering including Office, Whiteboard and Teams. To work well according to the situation in demand, the displays will utilize the company’s Azure IoT spatial intelligence capabilities which will enable businesses to improve the way how a room is cooled or heated by detecting the presence inside a room. Further, it will also allow them to manage their booking system more efficiently.

Together with multi-touch, high resolution and support for stylus inputs, the displays are also equipped with far-field microphones to improve the features like Cortana. There is also a camera attached to the displays that will further video conferencing with the help of Microsoft Teams and also with other software.

It is evident from the launch that the displays will ultimately enhance the meeting room experience for businesses as, until now, most of the meetings just relied on using regular TVs or projectors while conducting meetings and video conferences. As these new displays from Microsoft are equipped with cool features like the stylus input and multi-touch together with intelligent sensors, the meetings will have an all-new experience.

However, it should be noted that Microsoft is not manufacturing the display units itself and they will be available from third party manufactures including Sharp and touch-screen display maker Avocor and may be there’ll be some others joining very soon. The displays will be available by the end of this year but still there is no word on the exact cost of the displays. According to Microsoft, they’ll be very ‘low priced’ suggesting that they will fall under the price of Surface Hub which is priced at $9000.