Instagram’s Long-Form Video Feature Maybe Launched Next Week


Instagram, a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, is all set to launch its long-form video feature from 20th of this June. The new feature will help Instagram to improve the ephemeral photo and video experience while also being user friendly. While the launch date was tentative, it now seems to be somewhat official with Instagram asking reporters to respond to the invitation for the June 20 event.

While the message simply read that Instagram has some news to share and that it thinks reporters should be the first to hear and report about the news, the event itself reflects on Instagram’s move from transforming from being a social media platform to ‘media’ while stealing longer mobile viewing sessions away from YouTube and Snapchat.

According to information from different sources, Instagram is in works to offer a dedicated space that will feature scripted shows and music videos together with other videos in high-definition 4K, full-screen and vertical orientation. Below are some of the details regarding to the long-form video hub, according to sources.

Video Format: Instagram will allow users to upload videos in 4K and vertically oriented formats and the videos will be much longer than its regular 60-seconds time limit.

Destination: While it is still unclear whether the videos will be available on Instagram’s app or a separate Instagram will host the destination, all the videos will be available from a centralised hub and will feature options including curated sections of most popular videos and will further include an option to continue watching videos that users have already started watching.

Launch Partners: Instagram has been in talks for a while with popular content publishers and social media stars to see how their video channels that are popular elsewhere will fit within its app. It is also lining up partners for the June 20 launch for further announcement.

Video Quality: While most of the videos will not be at HBO or Netflix when it comes to the quality, most of the video content will be kind of approximate to the ones that you see on YouTube shot with good cameras and a forethought.

Links: Instagram will allow the creators of the videos to add a link to them which can be visited by just a single swipe on the screen. This will allow the content creators to drive traffic to their social media and commercial pages and even to other websites.

Monetization: Though Instagram hasn’t finalized on the monetary process, it is expected that the social networking service will allow pre-roll and mid-break ads that we regularly come across while watching videos on YouTube. The creators of the videos will eventually earn a share of the revenue generated from these commercials.

Another possible announcement that Instagram will possibly make at the event is that it has hit 1 billion subscribers. The announcement is expected to further draw the creators to work with the service.