Google’s Family Link Now Recommends Teacher-Approved Apps


Family Link is a software that helps parents manage their Google Account for children below the age of 13 or as applicable in the country. It has now included a number of apps that are recommended and approved by teachers so that parents can be sure on the device’s usage. The software’s app recommendations will make it a tool which does a lot more than just providing parental controls.

While knowing which apps are apt for kids use is more often a trial-and-error process, parents who have set up Google Family Link App on their kids’ Android or Chrome OS device will surely get some help with this process. Earlier, parents had to read through reviews before installing the app and may be try for themselves before deciding whether the apps were appropriate for the child’s use.

A new card will appear in the parents’ apps and in the Family Link’s timeline which will display app recommendations for different educational categories which have been approved by teachers. The card will allow the parents to view all the details about the app before installing it on the child’s app with just a single click. As of now, the card will be available for use in the United States for users with children aged between six and nine years.

The section further claims that the apps are recommended by teachers and will offer parents much beyond helping with the regular device and app usage by kids. Google informed that it has worked with teachers from across different locations in the United States to come with the curated list of apps which have a lot of educational value. The teachers were recruited and asked to rate the content on the apps based on their experience and expertise in learning process and child development.

Further, all the apps that are included in the Family Link section and are recommended by the teachers will also have to meet the requirements of Google’s Designed for Families (DFF) program. Initially, the recommended apps will be from publishers including MarcoPolo Learning Inc., Edoki Academy, BrainPOP among the others and will include only the apps that will teach kids about facts and figures, interesting places around the world and also some basics of coding among a plethora or other things. Over the time, Google will further include apps appropriate to the age groups.