Google To Stop Its URL Shortening Service


Short URLs make a lot of things easier for the tech savvy as they help manage links more effectively and are easy to create a buzz in social media.

They are also good at tracking and compiling data and offer a number of features for the users which they can track like number of views and comments and such to enhance their performance.

No wonder there are great number of tools like Digg, Pagetweet and the ever famous But for the search giant, it seems like the URL shortening service is all set to disappear altogether. Google has recently announced that it is shutting down its URL shortening service from April 13.

Verge recently reported that the tech giant’s move will not allow new users to create new short links using However, existing users will be able to make use of the service for another year after which the URL shortening service will be removed permanently. was introduced in 2009 with an aim to share the links more easily and track performance offline. Google’s move paved way to many other companies to enter into the segment.

Google reported on its blog that as the ways that people look for content have dramatically changed over the years and the advent of mobile services, home assistants, apps and others have dramatically changed the way in search. It further said that the URL shortening service will be closed within a few weeks and will be replaced by Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) which will allow subscribers to guide users to any location they choose with the help of an Android or iOs app or a web app.

In a note aimed for the developers, Google said that only the projects that have an access to their URL shortening service will be able to create short links from May 30, 2018.