Google Partners with News Orgs to Show More Data in Search


Google has announced that is working with many news organizations to surface more data in its search results based on the data from their journalism projects.

Google’s intention here is to focus more on making it easier to discover data that is being produced by the news orgs and then surface it in the search results in an easy to read format.
However, the information offered by these organizations and the results that appear as part of the search on Google differ a lot and the search giant is working closely with these orgs, like ProPublica, to produce data that is structured and is presented in the format that suits the Google search index. The company further added that adding the data to its index is much simpler as long as the information provided by the news organizations is in a tabular format.
ProPublica deputy managing editor Scott Klein said that it is their mission to offer people the information they need at the right point of time as they are more focused on having a real-world impact. He further added that collecting and preparing the data on which they have worked very hard and making it available for the people at the right time when they are searching for information on a topic that has a big impact on their life’s decisions is the sole idea behind their efforts. The results, which have been backed by research, will help people in making the right decision.
Any of the news organizations that offer the kind of information that is requested by the end users have to simply follow Google’s guidelines in order to make their data indexed. When the users search for relevant information on Google with the right queries or the search terms, the results of the news orgs will be given the prime placement on its results page making it worth the effort for the news orgs and the end users. After all, what counts most on Google are the first few results.
While it is noteworthy to mention that Google already highlights and indexes a lot of data that is available online, this is the first time the search giant is making a concrete effort to include journalism projects.