Google Injects AI to Hire to Speed Up Common Recruiting Tasks


Google Hire has made it easy for hiring managers to manage the data and other tasks related to hiring process since it was introduced July last year. Hire allowed recruiters to post jobs on multiple job portals, track the applications and schedule interviews together with getting information and feedback related to the interview.

Google has now further enhanced Hire by incorporating AI powered tools to make the recruiting process even faster and smarter. The update will add new features to the selection process like skimming the resumes, scheduling the interviews faster and logging recruiter’s calls so that the team members will know who has spoken to a candidate. The click-to-call function will allow the recruiters to simply click on the phone number of the potential candidate and it will automatically dial and even registers the call in the apps call log for easy monitoring and auditing.

With this update, Hire will allow businesses to complete all the functions with just a single click, instead of clicking multiple pages for finding contact details or to schedule interviews. Prior to the update, most of the recruiters confirmed that Hire improved the way they recruited by almost 84 percent cutting down the time and completing some simple tasks. As of now, Hire is only available for businesses in the U.S. with less than 1000 employees.

Infusing AI will also help Hire to automatically highlight specific keywords in a resume by automatically analysing specific terms in the job description and matching them with relevant words in the resume including synonyms and acronyms.

Scheduling the interviews for shortlisted candidates requires a lot of logistics like working in tune with the calendar of interviewers, preparing the right questions and also booking conference rooms. Hire will be able to make this process easier by automatically suggesting the time slots and available interviewers. Even if an interviewer cancels his schedule, Hire will alert the hiring manager about the change and will even suggest replacement interviewers. So, instead of finding interview rooms and monitoring their calendars, interviewers will have more time to prepare.

The strategy behind Hire to allow recruiters to work within Google’s G Suite tools which they use every day and incorporate the functionality of Hire within those tools.