Snapchat Launches Spectacles V2, Camera Glasses You Will Actually Wear


The rumors are true that Snapchat is launching a new version of its wearable camera sunglasses. The company launched its first specs V1 last year and sold only 220,000 pairs with their limited functionality, tricky exports and goofy hues. 

Snap knows it made £30 million mistake, but it says it’s proud of its wearable version. V1 owners will get a firmware update that lets them take photos. Company’s VP of hardware Mark Randall tells, he thinks the true purpose of V1 was to get people comfortable wearing and being recorded by a face computer.

Snap slowly learned that users wanted to take photos, get them in less flashy coral colors, bring them to the beach, pair them quicker with better resolution exports and hear less wind noise when moving. And most importantly, users wanted something they didn’t feel it as a weird wearing. So the team has built a better version V2 from the ground up. The result rises high above its predecessor.

With the newer version Spectacles V2, a user can click photos, not just video. There is no yellow ring to alert the people to the camera as in the older version. It is also a waterproof wearable. Classier colors with lighter lenses and also have prescription options. Faster syncing, a much slimmer frame and charging case.

These new Spectacles V2 will go on sale from April 26th in the U.S., Canada and France, later in 13 more European countries that is from May 3rd. The price of this camera sunglasses is $150 which is $20 more than the older version and are available only on Snap’s app and website.

The Spectacles themselves feel sleeker. They come in onyx black, ruby red and sapphire blue and you can choose between a more mirrored or natural lens color too. It’s easy to long-press for a photo or tap for 10-second video, with extra taps extending the clip up to 30 seconds. Snap finally, may have broken the Google Glass curse.

Mark Randall says, “Snap is just starting to reach out to professional creators, who could prove to people how fun Spectacles could be. Snap neglected them last time around and ended up with few pieces of flagship Spectacles content. This time, though, Snap will focus on showing off what Spectacles can shoot rather than just how they look on your face. It’s even going to run its own in-app ads promoting Spectacles that will let you swipe up to buy them instantly.