Cool Gadgets That Caught the Eye at Computex 2018


Computex is considered as Asia’s biggest trade show where tech giants compete with each other to display their latest offerings to the technology geeks. While unexpected surprises and interesting innovations are common things for such an annual event, there are some gadgets and tech trends that really have the potential to take the tech world by storm and even change the way we work and live.

Here are some of such latest gadgets from Computex 2018.

Travis Blue Portable Translation Speaker

This portable speaker is specifically designed to facilitate easy translation and supports over 60 languages making it a must-have addition for travellers and the like. Called Travis Blue, this handheld speaker will help you overcome the language barriers and works via smart AI translation. It is very easy to use and even supports wireless charging and touts up to 8 hours of battery life once charged.

Ambi Climate 2

This device works as Internet of Things (IoT) hub and smart home device that will also double as remote control for air conditioning devices in your home. All you need to do is simply configure Ambi Climate 2 with the air con and you’ll be able to transform even a dumb system into a smart one. The device also supports remotely controlling your air con with your smartphone while Ambi Climate takes a note of your preferences with its machine learning algorithm to personalize your experience.

Snap 3D Phone Case

3D might seem like a waning display technology but its application in the smartphone market is what makes Snap 3D stand out. Designed by MOPIC, a Korea-based company, Snap 3D enables your smartphone to output stereoscopic 3D once it is paired with appropriate software. Snap it on the back of the smartphone and it acts as a protective case; snap it on the front and it turns your normal phone screen into a 3D screen.

HPB Wave 11

This is a car phone holder but not a regular one. With regular smartphone holders you need to fumble with the device to answer or make calls or even to reject them. HPB Wave 11 allows you to do all that with simple hand gestures. Its gesture control feature also supports volume control. It can be easily clipped to the car vents and detects gestures at 13 cms. It includes two micro USB connectors and even indicated power and status of the device.

ASUS Project Precog

Project Precog by ASUS is basically a 2-in-1 PC featuring dual screens in place of the regular physical keyboard. One is the regular display and the other one, albeit small compared to the regular one, is placed just above the keyboard on the laptop. The device can be set up in notebook mode, book mode, tend mode and flat mode according to your convenience. However, there’s still no word on the specifications and the pricing. All that is known about the device is that it will be available in the markets by 2019.