Best Voice Controlled Smart Speakers


When your are planning to buy a voice controlled speaker, a range of factors such as the general capabilities of the voice assistant, the specific design features, the convenience and ergonomics of any physical controls.

Sound quality is the most important factor. Huge range of household devices such as routers, cameras, phone and thermostats can be connected to the smart speakers and allow you to control them by barking commands from your sofa. Here is the list of some best voice controlled smart speakers.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is the undisputed king of the smart speaker market. The Echo is with so much momentum behind it. The sheer weight of number behind Alexa means the Echo is often the first platform considered. You can ask Alexa for news headline, local weather reports and traffic warnings. You can even stream playlists, radio stations and audiobooks over the internet.

Google Home

The Google Home’s two-tone design and angled top make a statement next to the Amazon Echo’s textured cylinder. It conceals the ring of LEDs beneath the top panel: When it’s thinking, they shrine through it, spinning in pastel colours. The Home is tremendously capable and it’s only going to get smarter with the company’s vast data trove and immense computing resources at its disposal.

Apple HomePod

Apple is a late arrival in the smart speaker world, and to an extent it’s playing catch up with Amazon and Google. However HomePod is special enough to conceivably persuade a few Echo or Google home devotees to switch. If you are a music fan who’s already devoted to the Apple way, the HomePod will likely make you vastly, qualitatively happier than other smart speakers.

Sonos One

Sonos specializes in high-quality,  multi-room audio, and the One looks and feels like a solid, mature bit of audio hardware. It sounds fantastic too. The One also does a pretty good impression of an Amazon Echo and you can address it as Alexa to give the instructions. The Sonos One has some unique foibles too and goes up to a deafening 84dBA.

JBL Link 20

JBL makes a whole range of Bluetooth speakers, and at first glance the Link 20 doesn’t look particularly different. It has an abstract logo of Google assistant on top of it. Although the Link 20 works just like a real Google Home, it’s physically much less showy, with push-button controls on top and four pulsing white LEDs at the front. JBL’s speaker has a much brighter, airier tone than the one in Google Home.