Best Gadgets and Gear for Your Home Office


From enhancing our daily tasks to making our routine schedules easier, there are a number of gadgets and gear that we need in our home offices. However, these gadgets should work as efficient tools while not compromising on the quality. While it takes a bit of experience and some tech savviness in testing and researching new gadgets and technology, we’ve picked up some of the most efficient and best gadgets for home office.

Portable Hard Drive

Portable hard drives come in handy when you want to back up important data or occasionally carry data with you on trips and the like. If you do not own one already and have made up your mind to get one, the 2 TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim is the reliable choice. It is sleek, small and faster than its competition.  

Network-Attached Storage Device

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) devices offer solid data protection while making all your hardware encryption and media streaming activities much easier. The Synology DiskStation 218+ is easy to set up and manage and also supports many third-party apps and remote access. This two-bay NAS can also be used as a Web-hosting and backup device and also supports most features for computers running on Linux. The device also alerts you of any drive failure and comes with three USB ports and further has UPS compatibility, VPN server capabilities and supports FTP protocol.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Conventional keyboards can be hard on your hands while curved and split ergonomic keyboards are very pleasant to type on them. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is small, lightweight and comfortable. It has removable negative-slope attachment and Chiclet keys that are soft on the fingers. The number pad on the keyboard can be detached while using.

Multiport USB Charger

Almost all the electronic gadgets that we use are charged via USB and often we carry the UCB charger with us to keep the devices running. The Anker PowerPoint 4 can charge multiple devices at once without taking all the precious

power outlets. It has four ports with 40-watt capacity and plugs directly into the outlets without the need of a cable. Test results also confirm that this sleek USB charger can charge multiple devices at a faster rate than most of the competition.

Monitor Arm

Keeping your posture right at desk is important and this sleek adjustable monitor arm from Amazon help you do just that. It supports a wide range of angles and positions so that you don’t have to slouch or crane your neck while working. It is also great for saving space on your desk and improving work station ergonomics. It is also adjustable and sturdy enough to support heavy monitors.