Gadgets for Women Safety


Women and girls from all walks of life have been the victims of sexual harassment, molestation and rape. No matter which country or age group they belong to. The local streets and even the crowded public places have become unsafe for women.

Most of them weep down in silence, only a few fight back. Few tech companies have taken the responsibility to produce gadgets which will help women and ensure their safety in emergency situations. These wearable gadgets prove very useful and also get camouflaged in a woman’s outfit. Take a look at the list of gadgets for women safety listed below.

1 Safelet Bracelet

Safelet Bracelet  Gadgets for Women Safety Bracelet

Safelet is a bracelet with safety features that allow you to notify your family and friends through emergency message alerts when you are in danger. Through Safelet app, you can invite your family and friends who will safeguard you when you need them. This bracelet can give you a sense of security, confidence and peace of mind.

2 Siren Ring

Siren Ring  Gadgets for Women Safety Ring

The Siren is a simple wearable gadget ring that can produce a piercing sound that will distract the attackers. This ring produces an alarm sound over 110 dB that can be heard even at 50 feet away. Siren gets activated, when you simply turn top of the ring 60 degrees in a counterclockwise direction.

3 Athena (Roar)

Athena (Roar)  Gadgets for Women Safety athena

At the touch of a button, Athena shares your location with your family and friend via mobile sms alerts. Optionally it can also activate a high-frequency alarm. It can be paired with a personal safety mobile app Roar. Connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and you can wear it in a variety of locations for easy access.

4 Revolar

Revolar  Gadgets for Women Safety Revolvar

Revolar is an oval-shaped and app-enabled safety wearable device. It has three press modes. Single-press sends a green alert that you are safe; Double-press sends and yellow alert that you are unsafe; triple-press sends a red alert that you are in need of a serious help. This wearable does not need any extra, just your loved once contacts.

5 Stiletto Charms

Stiletto Charms  Gadgets for Women Safety Stiletto

Stiletto Charms imitates the modern jewelry aesthetics. This wearable can compliment any outfit and also covertly do many things inside. It has a voice-assist for communication purposes. Connect it through the stiletto mobile app and set it up. Apart from family and friends, it can also reach 911 in the U.S.