Ford GoBike Launching New Electric Bicycle Service


The mobility future of San Francisco Bay Area is all bound to take a spin with the introduction of the new Ford GoBike that Motivate is all set to launch in the area. The company will add as many as 250 e-bikes.

The GoBike, which travels at a speed of 18 miles per hour will allow the commuters to transit to different areas of the city with their Clipper cards and an accompanying app, the Ford’s GoBike app without any additional cost.

Ford GoBike offers bike sharing to all the eligible residents of the area for just $5 for the first year. It is considered as a fun and affordable way to travel around the city. Initially, Motivate will introduce around 250 e-bikes that are pedal-assisted and will give a riders a boost while riding these bikes. The introduction of these bikes by Motivate follows a similar launching of the JUMP bikes in the same area which Uber had acquired for over $200 million.

Test rides indicate that using these bikes on is also as easy on hilly areas as it is on the bike lanes and the company believes that the customers will begin to like them since their first ride. The only difference between Ford’s electric bikes and those from JUMP is that GoBikes come with removable batteries and can be easily docked. As these e-bikes come with removable batteries, riders can just swap them rather than removing them and taking them elsewhere to recharge. Motivate also plans to have some docking stations in place where the users can charge their bikes down the lane.

At present, the San Francisco Bay Area has more than 2,600 bikes and above 260 charging stations. The company plans to increase the numbers to 550 biking stations and 7,000 plus bikes by the end of year. If everything goes as planned, the GoBike will be the second largest bike sharing programme in the region. Shared electric bikes are seen as a next step in the mobility future of San Francisco

As NYC is planning to have a tight framework pertaining to the electric bike scenario, Motivate plans to make GoBike a part of the prestigious City Bike program.