Facebook Launches Brand Collabs Manager for Sponsoring Creators


Facebook has launched Brand Collabs Manager search engine that will help in connecting brands to creators so that they can work together by sponsoring content and product placement deals. It is currently available in the U.S. to limited brands and creators and will be opening up more broadly very soon according to Facebook.

The idea is to help creators to be discovered by brands and make new collaborations in branded content by making deals and partnerships. The launch reflects Facebook’s heavy investments into tools that will support both the brands and creators.

Brands will be able to reach their target audience and see very closely how the audience of each creator will match their products based on different criteria like their interests, gender, age range and others. Further, it will help brands to find fresh talent and explore up-and-coming creators who have a very good follower count ranging from 25,000 to 8 million. In addition, brands will be able to see if the creators have worked earlier with any other brands by looking at their past content posts and will even have a chance to look at their past business partners.

For creators, Brand Collabs Manager will make it easy to get discovered by brands and even showcase their best original content by automatically displaying their audience insights, past partnerships with brands and their performance data. They will also be able to quickly customize their portfolio to highlight specific information that the brands want to know about. They can even like a brands Page to show their interest in working with them and also to appear on the brand’s suggested list of creators.

Facebook has also made some other announcements together with Brand Collabs. Its Creator app, which the company launched on iOS in November is now available globally on Android. Another announcement was about the Ad Breaks or commercials in the middle of the video is available now for more creators in the U.S. and will further allow them to keep 55 percent of the revenue generated from the video. Patreon-Style Subscriptions, Top Fan Badges and Rights Manager were other announcements which will offer a wide range of content formats for creators and will also help brands in connecting with them.