Coolest Underwater Museums in the World


A museum is a place or a non-profit institution which acquires, conserves, and exhibits the heritage of humanity, artifacts that have cultural, historical, artistic or scientific importance for the purpose of education, study and enjoyment.

There are many types of museums, art museums, science museums and natural history museums. Surprisingly we have underwater museums in which some are built to preserve the history, some to preserve the marine life and others as tourist attractions. These underwater museums can be visited with the help of glass bottom boats or adventuring through snorkeling and scuba diving. Here is the top pick of some coolest underwater museums in the world.

Museo Subacuático de Arte (MUSA) – Mexico

This underwater contemporary art museum is located on the west coast of Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc. This museum has over 500 permanent life-sized and monumental sculptures. It tries to demonstrate the interaction between environmental science and art which forms a reef structure that helps the marine life to colonize.

Herod’s Harbor – Israel

A coastal city, Caesarea, once served as the most sophisticated trade ports of the Roman empire. This underwater museum was launched after the excavation of Caesarea over the past 30 years. The museum was built as a state-of-art of the Roman empire and harbors a Roman shipwreck, ruined lighthouse, anchors and pedestals.

Shipwreck Trail – Florida, U.S

This historic shipwreck trail is located within Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Few miles off the shore, it is scattered along the coral reefs. It was caught in the hurricane and got sunk. This was discovered in the 1960s by treasure hunters. Visitors are encouraged to explore the sites surrounding and along the trail.

Baia Underwater Archeological Park – Italy

This submerged archeological park has the wonders of a Roman Sodom. This underwater park is just a few kilometers north of Naples near Pozzuoli. Baia, a resort city for centuries for the rich and powerful of the Roman elite. It was abandoned in the 8th century and after emptied, the water rose due to volcanic vents.

Underwater Museum at Cape Tarkhankut – Crimea

Cape Tarkhankut is located at the western end of the Crimea. Walking on the shores, there is an unusual underwater museum, a must-see attraction in Crimea. Diver, Vladimir Borumenski started it in 1992 and installed the sculptures of Soviet leaders – Stalin, Gagarin, Lenin and Dzerzhinsky. The organizers of this museum are open to adding new figures to the collection.