Chrome Rolls Out ‘Not Secure’ Markers on Unencrypted Pages


Google has earlier pledged to mark all unencrypted pages as ‘not secure’ and has started doing just that while announcing the latest, version 68, of its Chrome browser. Google announced almost two years earlier that it is planning to promote the use of secured pages across its browser and the previous updates already saw Chrome marking critical HTTP pages like the ones that collect personal and bank information as ‘not secure’.

Chrome further announced that once the users assume the security of the browser, it will remove the ‘secure’ marker on all the HTTPS pages from this September and will start marking all the unencrypted pages as ‘Not Secure’ from October.

According to Chrome, the number of non-secure sites was too high across the Internet that the feasibility of marking all the encrypted sites as secure was much difficult. But with the increase of more secure sites over the last several years the task has become much feasible and more reasonable.

The Chrome Transparency Report which tracked the encryption use on the browser from 2014 to 2018 reported that there was a steady increase in traffic for encryption rates on both Android and ChromeOS with Android encryption use increasing from 42 percent to 76 percent and ChromeOS from 67 percent to 85 percent. The report further stated that while only 37 out of the top 100 sites on Internet used HTTPS by default during the year 2014, the number increased to 83 out of the top 100 sites by 2018.

While most of these security updates from Chrome doesn’t appear to be a reaction to the recent security hacks that have been experienced all over the world, experts believe that the update is rather timely as online security has especially become much difficult due to the recent hacking incidents that have had a huge impact on banking, healthcare and elections around the world.

Chrome stated that while its idea of marking all the HTTPS sites marking as secure doesn’t mean that the information available on the web is impenetrable and further added that it plans to make efforts continuously in this field to ensure that the Chrome users will have the most secure browser experience in the future.