Best Wireless Chargers for Your Smartphone


Wireless smartphone chargers take the worry out of keeping your device powered without all those wires and jumbles that come with them.

But almost all the wireless chargers are comparatively slow on charging the device but offer a great convenience where you can just drop your phone on the charger. That is exactly why we’re bringing here some of the best wireless chargers for you to pick for your phone.

Anker Power Wave

This latest wireless charger is one of the best in its line and price range. It supports all Android smartphones and also includes a 7.5 W output for iPhones. It also includes a built-in charging fan and a charging indicator and comes together with a 3.0 compatible wall adapter. The only drawback seems its use of microUSB instead of a USB-C connector.

Samsung Fast Charge Stand

This Fast Charge wireless charging stand is probably one of the best accessories that Samsung smartphone users can have. After a number of testing hours, it could be said that this wireless charger works better than any of its competitors. It also doubles as a phone stand and includes a wall charger with USB-C cable.

Mophie Charger Pad

This one is becoming famous due to its collaboration with Apple. It can swiftly charge smartphones from the iPhone family and uses Apple’s standard 7.5 W output. It is one of the most compact wireless chargers that you can ever have and has a rubberized coating to protect the smartphone from any scratches.

Aukey Charging Pad

This charging pad is both affordable and stylish and comes with an aluminium base for sturdiness and a fabric cover on top to protect your device while you are charging. With its maximum power output of 10W, it can charge your smartphone more rapidly than its competitors. However, it doesn’t come with Apple’s 7.5 W standard so charging an iPhone will be rather slow on this.


This wireless phone charging pad is good at rapidly charging your smartphones from the iPhone family including iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X which means that comes with the Apple-specific 7.5 W standard output. It also bags a LED indicator that tells you whether you have placed your phone rightly on its non-slip surface.