Apple Releases First iOS 12 Beta Version


Apple has just released another latest version of its operating system for the iPhone and iPad – the new iOS 12 public beta allowing everyone to quickly get a glimpse of the future of iOS. Also, unlike any other beta versions by the developers, the iOS 12 beta can be downloaded for free without the regular developer account fee of $99.

Apple further announced that the full version will be available probably in the month of September and also added that it will release regular updated betas every few week for the coming months. The release will help Apple to fix as many bugs as possible while also allowing it to gather large information regarding its users.

All the public betas released by Apple follow the general release cycle of the betas as usual and its also to be noted that it released its second developer beta of iOS just last week meaning that the first public build of beta is almost similar to the second version.

However, the iOS beta versions shouldn’t installed on your primary iPhone or iPad due to the potential risks of bugs and due to the chances of the version not working at all on the device. In some rare cases, the beta version can also completely brick the device and also can make it totally unusable. So, it is advised to proceed with the beta version with much caution.

Try it on an iPhone or an iPad that you do not use by downloading the configuration profile on Apples beta website which prompts the users to update the device to available public beta versions rendering them as normal software updates. The profile can then be downloaded on the iOS device using either Safari or transfer it to the device using SHAREit or AirDrop, for example and then rebooting the device and head over to the device settings.

Once the device automatically updates to the final version of the iOS 12 in September, you can delete the configuration profile. One of the main features that come with the recent update is the performance improvement when it comes to launching the apps, entering the text and also while triggering the camera. There’s also a new Screen Time feature that tells you exactly how much time you spent on each app. Together with these, users can also group notifications while also being able to silence them from the lock screen itself.