Apple Introduces The AI Phone


Apple’s WWDC 2018, an event with its software-only focus, thought would be boring as it was with lack of new MacBooks and iPads. But the company announced what may be its most key operating system update until now with the introduction of iOS 12. Apple is turning its iPhone into a highly personalized device through a series of Siri enhancements and features which is powered by its Siri AI.

Siri’s Suggestions will be everywhere after the installation of iOS 12. They will appear on the lock screen when it thinks it can help you perform an action of some kind. For example, placing your morning coffee ordersomething you regularly do around a particular time of dayor launching your preferred workout app, because you’ve arrived at the gym. The suggestions even show up on Apple Watch’s face screen.

Apple went further and even showed off a new app called Siri Shortcuts. The app is based on technology Apple acquired from Workflow, task automation app that allows iOS users to combine actions into routines that can be launched with just a tap. Those routines now can be launched by voice, thanks to the Siri Shortcuts app. It is most certainly a power user feature and can be used by the iPhone users right off the bat.

Siri’s presence in iOS 12 cannot be entirely escaped even if users hide away this new app in their Apple “junk” folder. The apps’ code will be updated regularly by the developers so that every time a user takes a particular action the app will let Siri know. Developers will also be able to just directly prod the user to add this routine to Siri right in their own apps.

The App Store has more than 2 million apps whose developers can hook into Siri. Apart from your phone, you can talk to Siri on your Apple Watch and HomePod, too. In the new iOS 12, Siri will take note of your behaviouand push you to turn off those with which you don’t engage, move them into a new silent mode Apple calls “Delivered Quietly.” It also has a new set of digital well-being features that will hide notifications from users at particular times.

Overall, iOS 12’s AI-powered features will make Apple’s devices more personalized to you. Apple is banking hard on the fact that it’s earned users’ trust through its stance on data privacy over the years.