5 Popular Kid-Friendly Museums in U.S.


Indulging in some kid-friendly activities like going to an amusement park or visiting a kids’ playground are fun loving and also make us feel like kids all over again.

Some places, even if they are mostly kid-centered, allow us to have some fun and forget all out inhibitions. Museums that specially focus on kids’ interests and are geared towards their interest guarantee hours of fun together for kids and their parents too. Here are some of the best kid-friendly museums in the U.S.

1. City Museum, St. Lious, Missouri

The museum opened some 20 years back and is since then progressing in offering a great time for kids and adults alike. It was founded by late artist Bob Cassily and initially contained only found objects. The museum also offers banquet facilities for various events and its Curve Slide is known to thrill both kids and their parents.

2. Children’s Museum, Indianapolis, IN

This is the largest children’s museum in world. It even includes a Dinosphere – place which is full of dinosaur bones and even allows access to kids to see and experience the paleontological dig area. Visitors will truly have an unforgettable experience as this massive museum showcases best world cultures and has recently opened a Sports Legend Experience where kids can explore the world of sports.

3. Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia, PA

As the name of the museum rightly suggests, kids visiting this museum are encouraged to touch the exhibits in contrast to other museums where laying your hands on an object is not a welcome gesture. The museum has two floors that are full of entertainment for kids. Kids are allowed to build cars and rockets and enjoy the massive toy collection.

4. The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA

This museum is dubbed as a learning lab for the public. Even here, visitors can touch and play with more than 600 exhibits. It is considered as one of the most iconic destinations in the San Francisco area. The museum allows kids and adults to explore and better understand the world around them. The museum has exhibits on Seeing & Listening, Tinkering, and Living Systems.

5. Children’s Museum of Houston, TX

With the largest population of children in United States, Houston makes sense in having some of the best kids-friendly attractions including this wonderful museum that is full of wonderful puzzles and robotics. Kids can also indulge themselves in activities like power play and rope challenge events. It also exhibits an eco-station and has dedicated areas for babies.

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