5 Best iPhone Accessories You Can’t Do Without


Are you obsessed with your iPhone but sometimes find yourself whining about some of the things you cannot do with it? You might have probably experienced that you cannot stream music in a room with your iPhone when other smartphones get a swing of it.

You might have also known that the iPhone is not good at taking close-up photos of minute details. Or than you can’t strap it around your arm while jogging. Don’t worry. All you need are some accessories that make your iPhone smarter than others.

1. Portable Charger for iPhone

It is important to have a portable charger for your phone (or any USB-charged device) no matter whether you are a travel freak or travel just once a year. And the Anker Astro E1 is probably the best one for your iPhone. With a price tag of below $20 and a capacity of 5200 mAh, it can fully charge your iPhone twice.

2. Running Armband Case

Everyone enjoys listening to music during exercise. If you are on a 3 or 4 mile run, the first difficulty that you’d probably sense is with your music device. Armbands should fit your phone securely and comfortably. The SUPCASE Armband Running Mate for the iPhone does just that. It protects your iPhone while allowing easy access to the home button. Priced at $13.99, it is a perfect companion for your workout and for your iPhone.

3. Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone

Agree that iPhones don’t have perfect speakers. It is practically experienced when you want to stream music through your device during parties but just cannot. If there’s any place to go, it is investing in a perfect Bluetooth speaker. The Anker AK-99ANSP9901 is the right choice with up to 20 hours playtime. It costs $28 and connects via Bluetooth 2.1 and above.

4. Camera Kit for iPhone

Now that we said earlier that taking close-up shots of small details is tricky with an iPhone, you might probably want to grab a camera kit to add some extra capabilities to your device. While you are at it, why not try the Olloclip Core Lens Set which is packed with Fisheye lens and offers a 180 degree spherical effect? Priced at $100, it comes with Super-Wide lens and offers a 120 degree visibility.

5. Car Kit for iPhone

Phone holders and dash mounts are must-haves to hold your iPhone in place while driving. Most of the available mounts require specific cases and magnets for the phone to be in place. The Airframe+ snugs perfectly to the air vents in the car’s dash and is also for other devices too. It is also packed with a charger small as a cigarette lighter and USB ports that can charge two smartphones at the same time. It is priced at $40.