5 Best Accessories for Your Camera


There is usually a load of gear that accompanies your camera. Cleaning kits, filters, lens and backpacks are all considered essential for that picture-perfect experience that all photography lovers want to have.

While some improve the image experience, some are better at making things like carrying and cleaning easier. Here are 5 such essential accessories for cameras that photographers almost can’t do without.

1. Wireless remote control from AmazonBasics

If you don’t want to deal with timers and are poor at photoshop skills, this AmazonBasics wireless remote control is one handy thing that should go into your camera bag. It is perfect for taking group photos with family and friends or for taking selfies with high-quality.

2. Camera Cleaning Kit by CamKix

Cameras often get dirty as they are prone to all kinds of mishandling and the usual wear and tear that is inevitable when carrying them to different places and while getting that right picture at any place. A good cleaning kit like this one from CamKix will ensure that your camera is protected and has a better life time.

3. USB to USB Adapter Cable

Usually, when taking pictures from your DSLR, it is very difficult to share your pics while you are on the go. This USB to USB Adapter cable will make things easy for you by allowing you to quickly connect your phone to the camera and download or share your pics in an instant. It works pretty well for every phone except the iPhone.

4. Macro Ring by Chromo

Close-up lighting is very essential when it comes to taking good photos. The new LED Macro Ring from Chromo Inc will give you all the professional and portable lighting you need in an instant. It is compatible with most renowned brands including, Nikon, Sony, Canon, and Sigma lenses and has three different modes of lighting.

5. Goja Lens & Filter Bundle

This lens and filter bundle is a great pick especially for avid photographers as it is compatible with most lenses. It is good measure to protect your lens from dust and moisture. The kit includes a cleaning kit and a small tripod together with different lenses and lens filters. It is highly recommended by both professionals and amateurs and has the highest positive rating.