5 Most Awaited Gadgets of 2018


Every year the technology market is flooded with new gadgets including gaming consoles, wearable tech, new smartphones and the like.

But for the gadget freaks, each and every new introduction that hits the market makes them catch up the pace bringing in new excitement every year. Here are some of the most awaited and best upcoming gadgets for 2018.

1. Foldable Tablets

Tablets are actually becoming the new PCs taking up space in every activity. This year is considered as being a step ahead with foldable tablets. Many electronic giants like Samsung, LG, Lenovo and the like are coming up with numerous illustrations and the competition seems to be captivating for tech lovers.

2. Apple iPhone SE 2

We should say that Apple has ‘redefined’ the smartphone market with its launch of iPhone X. But the users are thriving to want more and are expecting something that is better than the iPhone X. Talks are also doing rounds that the new phone will be named iPhone XI ir iPhone 11. After iPhone SEs launch, users are expecting the company to come up with fresh updates to the product.

3. Microsoft Surface Watch

If there is any bit of gossip holding on to the products from Microsoft, it will surely be the Surface Watch that everyone is waiting eagerly for launch this year. Even while Microsoft has given some of its smartphone space to Android and iOS, you are true to say that smart watches are still Microsoft’s monopoly. As the smart watch industry is rapidly expanding, yet another gadget from this tech giant is eagerly awaited.

4. Halbred

If you are someone who is less mindful about the security and protection of your PC, then Halbred is the perfect gadget for you. It is regarded as a perfect combination of Bluetooth key and bolt. It locks and bolts your PC every time you leave your workspace. Developed by GateKeeper, it is one of the best gadgets that will help you validate your system credentials regularly.


This gadget can be worn on the wrist and will take care of your health and well being in ways that you didn’t imagine earlier. It is especially designed for those who regularly consume liquor but don’t to play a spoil sport. As you gulp down the liquor, the gadget takes a note of your BAC levels and sends messages to the app on Android or iOS devices where someone can monitor and drive you back home if required. It is programmed to monitor liquor through the user’s skin.