Five Different Styles of Camping


While you are planning to go for camping on a weekend, a long-awaited break from work or working to make a romantic outdoor venture with your partner you can choose from a variety of camping styles that are now available.

Camping styles are a colorful and more exciting way to camp and you can choose the one that suits you the best. Pick from the variety of options available, start the preps and get on-board. Replace your stereotype vacation destinations with unique camping styles and have fun. Here are five different styles of camping.

Trailer/RV Camping

In this camping style, you have to get along your own trailer or RV or any other portable cabin of your choice. This is one of the easiest camping styles as you can carry all the needs that you need to be comfortable. It can act as a little portable home of yours. You can have a bathing, cooking and entertainment unit. Plus you could carry all the essentials and not care about where to pitch a tent as you could sleep in the Trailer or RV.

Motor-Bike Camping

While the city traffic and the pollution don’t let you drive your ravishing motorbike on the roads, you can have all the fun with motor bike camping. This is one of the most favourite camping styles of people who love riding. The ride is generally on harsh tracks and also can be a roller coaster in the hilly areas. Make sure you carry minimum gear for a better riding experience.

Car Camping

It is one of the camping styles where you carry your personal or rented vehicle to go camping. You can carry all the essentials, roam around and explore in the car and pitch a tent whenever and wherever you want to. It is preferred where you have to explore large distances and carry a huge gear. Plus, in car camping, you get the privilege over the weather as you always get a place to sleep just in case it rains or snows!  

Backpack Camping

This is one of the most traditional camping styles and is the one where you actually get the experience of camping. Walk with all your gear packed in a back-pack, put it on and explore on the go. This is the best stress buster, a great exercise and an amazing camping experience. You will not only lose the excess of weight you’ve gained but will also get a ravishing “on the road” tan!


As the name suggests, Glamping is glamorous camping. Set in varied exotic locations, Glamping includes luxurious camps with all the star facilities, amazing interiors of tents and all the services at hand. It is an ideal romantic camping style and you can glam it more by customizing the glamps! Breathtaking views, calm and undisturbed privacy, royal treatments and relishing food. Glamping is available in various locations from beaches to deserts.