Countries Where People Live The Longest


Throughout the history travelers have explored for a true fountain of youth, that has not been found yet, which promises an everlasting life. But in certain places of the world, people live longer than the expected world average, 71 years.

These places have their own secret sources of vitality. The lifestyles and the environments of the longest-lived people are considered as blue zones. It is generally understood that longer life expectancy depends on how well your country developed economically as it has easier and higher access to healthcare added with healthy nutritious diets. Here is the list of countries where people live the longest.

1 Japan

Japan, one of the country with highest life expectancy, living to 83.8 years on average. Okinawa, southern Japanese islands, often called the land of immortals. It has been the world’s centre for longevity research as these islands are inhabited by more than 400 centenarians (100 years old). The credit for their longetivity is given to their local diet which includes tofu, sweet potato and fish.

2 Spain

A long-lived population of Spain, averaging their life expectancy to 83.3 years. This is because of their healthy Mediterranean diet that is rich fresh vegetables, fish and also healthy fats from olive oil and nuts. Another longevity secret for the Spaniards is the siesta – a nap taken in the afternoon after having lunch.

3 Italy

Italians live longer as the poverty gap amongst them is very less, which means a majority of the population have access to healthy and nutritious food. The living standards of the poor have dramatically improved in the last few decades. The average life expectancy is recorded at 83.2 years. The major diet in this country is also the Mediterranean.

4 Switzerland

As one of Europe’s richest country, Switzerland with well-developed economy makes the healthcare and nutritious diet readily available. The average life expectancy of Switzerland stays at 83.2 years. Men live longer in Switzerland than anywhere else in the world. The nation’s high-quality water is one of the major reason for a healthier population.

5 Singapore

One more well-developed nation in the world with a life expectancy of 83.1 years. It has the best state-of-the-art medical facilities in the world. The country makes preventive and therapeutic care as its core healthcare facility. The country has a huge number of public parks which are used by its residents to exercise and improve mental well being.