Best Travel Guide to Milan


Milan is an international center for fashion and a bustling metropolis. If you’re traveling to Milan, you’re going to be in the midst of glorious history that’s jostling for space with icons of modernity like gigantic trade fair complexes, football stadia, concerts and vibrant nightlife.  Read on and discover the best of the Milan of today.

Things to Do in Milan

Lose yourself in time as you waft through the palaces and museums of old, the churches that tell their own story and the majestic Gothic cathedral, the Duomo, which was once at the center of the Roman capital. Take a break from all that Classical stuff and enjoy a walk in one of Milan’s parks. Of course, there’s a lot more you can do in Milan, just reach out and discover this amazing city on your own.

Milan Accommodation

Milan is an extremely large city, but you can get the most out of it by staying close to the Duomo. It’s not just Milan’s main attraction but is close to many other Milanese attractions. Here, you can choose your accommodation–luxury hotels, mid-range or budget hotels, serviced apartments, hostels and bed and breakfast places.

Restaurants in Milan

Milan is part of Lombardy where meat features largely on their daily menu. So, expect to eat a lot of meat, creamy risottos and stews made at home. At the city’s sophisticated restaurants, you can eat the best of Milanese and international cuisines, but step into the homes of the local people or go for a meal to family run-trattorie and you’ll taste rustic and wholesome dishes.

Nightlife in Milan

Milan’s nightlife is extremely vibrant and ranges from huge rave parties to small bars in backstreets to sophisticated cocktail lounges. However to experience the best of Milan nightlife, you might want a drink without any ado. For you, the best places would be the simple cafes and bars of Brera and Navigli districts which are known for their good ambience and reasonable prices.

Day Tours from Milan

To see some of Milan’s famous mountain scenery, hop on to the Swiss Alps Bernina Express Rail Tour which takes you through to St. Moritz through the Bernina Pass. You can also spend a day at Lake Como. A visit to Switzerland through Lugano, an hour’s drive from Milan, will bring you up close and personal with its scenic pleasures.