Best Romantic Destinations in the USA


Most people prefer either beaches or mountains to spend some quality time with their significant other. But a romantic destination is not all about just secluded places like oceans and deserts. USA, in particular, is filled with best destinations for couples where they want to enjoy their time being together. Here are some of such best destinations in USA that are ideal for couples for a perfect special life event.

Napa Valley

Napa is filled with luxurious hotels and chic restaurants but also has its own share of calm wine caverns and rolling vineyards that makes it a perfect place for the couples. This stunning paradise of beauty is an ultimate getaway for every indulgence including spa treatments, golfing and gourmet dining.


If you are trying to up the romantic factor and looking for a perfect place with distinct activities, Kauai is the place to go. Its private luxury villas and secluded places offer a perfect way to spend time with your sweet heart. If you want to add a dash of adventure to the trip, go for hiking in the Na Pali Coast. It also has its own share of mountains, cliffs and beaches for nature lovers.


Maui is certainly a paradise away from home. And a good one at that. This is one of the perfect travel destinations in the US if you are looking for a one-on-one time with your one and only. Its beaches, exotic jungles and luxury resorts all offer a perfect combination of luxury and solitude in one place.


Charleston is an ideal destination to rekindle your romance and its worth to mention that most of the couples dream of celebration their honeymoon here. Apart from historic hotels and beachfront resorts, Charleston is also a perfect destination for art lovers due its art galleries. Southern food is something that every couple should try when they are here.


This is a city with a lot of personality that is vibrant with all the historic homes and cobbled sidewalks that offer a perfect glimpse of the southern culture. There is a lot of active nightlife going around here all the year along and riverfront boasts a lot of dining and shopping opportunities. If you are looking for a respite, it has a number of sandy beaches to soothe your senses.