Best Places to Visit in Amsterdam


Amsterdam stands synonymous among most people as the drug capital of Europe, shining in the distance in its trippy-hippy aura. It is a folly to believe the image that has been served; Amsterdam travel is much more than just its brothels and cannabis cafes.

It is a risqué city of modern art, more museums than you can imagine, and razor-edged culture that will leave you reeling under its trance. Here is a list of some of the best things to do and places to visit in Amsterdam.


Solely dedicated to displaying the rich history and art of Netherlands, this museum was moved from Hague to Amsterdam in the year 1808. Rembrandt’s masterpiece ‘The Night Watch’ and Jan Willem Pieneman’s ‘Battle of Waterloo’ to name a couple adorn its walls.

The electric Latin Quarter is also where the famous Albert Cyup market is located, where you will find things you are unlikely to stumble upon elsewhere. Dotted with restaurants, cafes and little bars, this neighbourhood brings the best of local Amsterdam to you.

Katen Kabinet Museum

This quirky museum is made for those who favour felines. Do visit it for the remarkable collection of works by Picasso, Rembrandt and Matisse that depict cats. President John Adams stayed here on his visit to Amsterdam during his tenure as Ambassador.

Van Gogh Museum

Dedicated to one of the most important artists to have ever lived and his contemporaries, this museum holds the works of Vincent Van Gogh in all its post-Impressionist glory. Visit the museum without hassle by booking your tickets in advance.

Nieuwe Kerk

A church during the fifteenth century, it is a present day museum that is frequented for its art exhibits and organ performances. Its most recent summer attraction is an exhibit that promises to turn your wheels of time, and take you to witness the history of Netherlands.

EYE Film Institute

Visit the EYE Film Museum to explore cinema from Netherlands and the world, and to experience its interesting art installations and exhibits. Plan your visit by accessing their website and booking tickets for the shows and exhibits you would like to catch.

De 9 Straatjes

The nine streets converge to bring you the best of shopping, bars and restaurants. The canal belt surrounding the area makes for more than a pretty picture; it also drags you into the local life of the Dam. Experiment with quirky cuisine and spend your money on individualistic souvenirs for family and friends.

De Hallen Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s electric trains used to get serviced here at one time, but today it stands as a centre for arts and crafts; an example of the rapidly changing face of the city. Books, textiles, alcohol and exhibits make de hallen a must visit to pick up some of Amsterdam’s very own exports.When visiting Amsterdam, place your focus on uncovering its collection of art and culture, cuisine and music little by little. Don’t let the marijuana legalization and the bright red light districts fool you, Amsterdam can steal your heart in other ways too, just do it like the locals do.