Best Fun Camping Activities


Camping is one of the most exciting, adventurous and recreational option to spend your vacation. While camping is an amazing activity itself, there are various sub activities that enhance the camping experience.

Packing your bags, getting the right camping gear and picking the right destination is a great kick-start to an ultimate adventure. You can rendezvous with nature, find the tunes of the voices of wild life and explore the gift of life like never before. To make this journey more intriguing, there are various best fun camping activities which you should try out.


If you are camping near a water reservoir, a lake or a river for instance, Kayaking is a nice option to go for.  Kayaking is using the kayak or typically a boat to move in the waters. It is a well-known water sport. The boat or the kayak is a double padded one with closed decks. You can pick from the variety of kayaks and also their functionality.


Trekking is a form of walking/climbing to explore things and is one of the top priorities for adventure junkies. You can climb the near-by hill top or a mountain along with your friends. Apart from being a best camping activity also serves as a great exercise. But be careful and carry the required gear with you to be on a safe side. A free of cost and exciting activity for sure.


Who wouldn’t like having a fresh fish for the midnight open air barbeque while camping! Fishing is one of the most interesting and best camping activities when you are camping near a water body with enriched water life. While you might have to carry the fishing apparatus with your camping gear, it can be a fun team activity and an interesting experience.


This is a gen-next camping recreational activity where you can use the GPS facility of your smart phone to play the good old treasure hunt game. In this treasure hunt game, you have to find the digital logbook placed in a water proof container; sign it to mark you have been there and place it back in the container. A good way to put the navigation techniques of your devices to use isn’t it!

Exploring the Nature:

The most alluring part of camping is the intimacy with nature. Roam around and observe variety of species of trees, plants, animals and birds. Listen to the sound of the waterfall and winds. You will be amazed by looking at the wildness in the scruffy edges of a disciplined environment. Exploring the nature gives you the best experience of your camping trip.