Beginners Guide to Zip Line


A zip line is a tour designed using a zip wire which is a basically a unit consisting of a pulley suspended on cable made up generally of stainless steel over an inclined area, usually a hill or a mountain.

Though they come in many forms, including entertainment units in theme parks, kid sports and playgrounds, the actual zip line experience is the one where you can travel of to remote areas that are inaccessible by roads. The most interesting part of zip line is the feeling of being high above the ground and exploring the beauty of the nature. These tours are made available in many places round the world to facilitate the view of nature. Zip line is also known as Zip wire, aerial runway, aerial rope slide, death slide, flying fox, Tyrolean treasure or canopy tour. Here is the beginners guide to Zip Line.

Zip Line Gear

  •  The most important part of the zip line gear is the clothing. Try and dress in minimal clothing to avoid tangling of clothes while you are going on a zip line.
  •  Pick sturdy shoes having closed toes and prefer hiking shoes. If you are not comfortable with it, go for sneakers as they are extremely comfortable.
  •  As the clothing should be fussfree, pick up knee-length shorts or capris. If you are not comfortable with them, pick up long but sleek fitting pants.
  •  Preferably, wear neat sunglasses that fit your eyes well so that they do not fall of when you are riding the zip line.
  •  Make sure you wear the helmet provided by the zip line organizers to ensure safety.
  •  Gloves to protect your hands while braking.
  •  A harness that will keep you attached to the zip line.

Safety & Precaution

  •  Ensure the zip line is properly maintained and has a certification of safety.
  •  You should always listen and follow the instructions given by the zip line instructors very strictly.
  •  Avoid wearing baggy clothing while on zip line
  •  Also never wear too short clothes as the harness needs to be fitted on the clothing as it might produce an irritation if fitted directly on the body
  •  Make sure the harness is sturdy, maintained and properly assembled
  •  Wear a helmet and ensure if its belts are fastened according to your head size
  •  Do not wear any piece of loose jewellery
  •  Always wear appropriate shoes as mentioned in the gear
  •  If you have medical problems like Blood pressure, vertigo or giddiness at heights, avoid going for zip line
  •  Never zip line if you are pregnant
  •  The minors should be accompanied by the parents or guardians
  •  There are certain weight restrictions for zip lining which are to be strictly followed and should be verified before you go zip lining

Best Places in the World for Zip Line

  •  Icy straight point, Alaska
  •  Gravity Canyon, New Zealand
  •  Labadee, Haiti
  •  Hocking hills, Ohio
  •  Whistler, British Columbia
  •  Flight of the Gibbon, Thailand
  •  Simatai, China
  •  Sun city, South Africa
  •  Stirling, Scotland
  • Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo reserve, Peru