Beginners Guide to Wingsuit Flying


Do you ever imagine yourself in the movie ‘Rio’, being a part of the colourful flock of birds as they glide in the skies? Mankind has always yearned to fly in the heavens and this dream soon became a reality with the invention of the extreme adventure sport called Wingsuit Flying.

Intense thrill-seekers using special jumpsuits leap from an excessive altitude with the aid of helicopters, aircraft or hot air balloon and voila, the uniquely designed suits enable them to soar in the azure skies.  Thick Fabric covers the suit between the legs and from arms to torso resembling tail and wings, which gives the person a heave and elevates the person enabling him to levitate. Deploying a parachute and manoeuvring it allows a person to smoothly land. Here is the beginners guide to Wingsuit Flying.

Wingsuit Flying Gear

This fierce and fanatical extreme sport requires thorough attention to the gear and equipment necessary. To make the experience of flying a secure and memorable one, here are a few things that you must have.

  • Birdman suit: Special jumpsuits which enable a person to fly.
  • Parachutes: Necessary to steer yourself while flying and to make a landing.
  • Altimeters: To measure the altitude
  • Headgear: To protect your head especially while landing.
  • Googles: To safeguard the eyes from strong winds.
  • Clothing: Comfortable clothes which enable movement.

Safety & Precaution

This extremely dangerous sport definitely requires safety precautions before free falling into pure-thrill and genuine action. Safety checks necessary are

  • Physical fitness is highly essential.
  • Invest in the best quality gear and equipment as it is a dangerous sport.
  • Only a licensed skydiver is permitted to attempt Wingsuit flying.
  • Learn instructions only from an experienced flyer.
  • Reserve parachutes are always advisable.
  • Parachute deployment procedure requires practice and timing.
  • Manoeuvring the parachute requires a great deal of skill and practice.
  • Always pay attention to the altitude especially for a smooth landing.
  • Ensure that the suit is comfortable and that you feel natural in it.
  • A medical check-up before you attempt this risky stunt is highly recommendable.
  • Rehearse how to handle the situation in case of emergencies.

Best Wingsuit Flying Destinations in the World

Considerably few places around the world provide facilities for Wingsuit flying as it is an extremely dangerous adventure sport. Famous places which do have Wingsuit flying are

  • Skydive Elsinore, California
  • Troll Wall, Norway
  • Hinterrugg, Switzerland
  • Snohomish, Washington
  • Sebastian, Florida
  • The Eiger, Switzerland
  • Milford Sound, New Zealand
  • Stryn, Norway
  • Lost Prairie, Montana
  • Sky Dive, San Diego, California