Beginners Guide to Skiing


Ever imagined the picturesque and charming view of snowcovered trees at the foot of snow-capped mountains. Captivating isn’t it?  Now picture yourself drifting effortlessly at a tingling speed only on two long boards on the ice surface. This is exactly the thrill and the boost one gets when one goes Skiing.

Action-packed, adrenaline stimulating and extreme adventure; all these adjectives describe the everalluring sport of Skiing. Popular not only as an adventure sport and recreational activity but skiing is also used to travel to places with abundant snowfall. Ski resorts are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and thrill seekers and are a huge hit as they provide skiing equipment and defined trails and hence are major tourist magnets. Here is the beginners guide to Skiing.

Skiing Gear

The fascinating sport of skiing requires gear and equipment to make it a pleasant and safe experience. ‘Must haves’ on the list are

  •    Skis:  Narrow strips of metal attached to boots to help glide on snow.
  •   Ski poles: Used to maintain agility and timing
  •   Ski boots: Specially designed to attach boots to skis using binds
  •   Googles: Thick glasses which protect eyes from fog and specs of snow
  •   Helmet: Always a must for any sport and avoids loss of body heat.
  •   Insulated jackets and pants: Keeps you warm in the severe climate and retains body heat.
  •   Lip balm: Ensures always moisturized lips in case of lip cracks due to the cold environment.
  •   Backpack: Contains water, extra pair of socks and other necessities.

Safety & Precaution

Like every extreme adventure sport, taking precautions before you set out to accomplish the task is mandatory. Some safety checks are

  •   Ensure the quality of ski equipment before you set out.
  •   Move along with experts who are well familiar with the terrain.
  •   Stay within the skiing zone and do not wander off deep into the snow forests.
  •   Carry a walkie-talkie and stay in touch.
  •   Protect yourself from high altitude and the bitter cold by gearing up with warm thermal sweaters.
  •   Watch out for trees, rocks, stumps and other variations in terrain that could hinder a smooth drift.
  •   Adhere strictly to the instructions to avoid injuries and bruises.
  •   Step-by-step master the various styles of skiing and do not attempt difficult styles as a beginner.

Best Skiing Destinations in the World

Skiing is a wildly followed extreme action sport and is popular especially in Europe and America. Some famous destinations are

  •  Rotegge, Switzerland
  •   Delirium Dive, Alberta
  •   Corbet’s Couloir, Wyoming
  •  Vallee Blanche, France
  •   Blackcomb Glacier, British Columbia
  •  Las Lenas, Argentina
  •  Skyward, New York
  •   Grand Solleit, France
  •   Glen’s, Utah
  • Tiffindell, South Africa