Beginners Guide to Rafting


Rafting is a water sports adventure activity famous since 1970’s. It is usually done in whitewater or different degrees of water which can be a thrilling experience for the passengers. The vehicle for mobility in water is a raft.

It is an inflatable device where the passengers have to paddle through waters using a double paddle. Though it is an extreme sport if done under the proper professional guidance and all the precautions are carefully taken can be an ultimate water riding experience. The raft, an inflatable boat is durable, sturdy made up of the PVC material. They come in a variety of lengths and sizes providing flexibility in the number of people to board the raft. There are different rafting techniques like capsizing, re-righting, punching, high sliding. You can pick the one that you find interesting! Here is the beginners guide to rafting.

Rafting Gear

While there is no specific elaborate gear required when you go for rafting, there are certain essentials that you must have. Pack all the necessary items for reaching the destination and for the stay over there. Following is a list of basic items you should pack

  • Warmers if you are rafting in a cold place
  • Rainproof bags
  • Waterproof electronics like the camera if you like clicking
  • Raincoats and rain boots
  • Minimal simple outfits like t-shirts and floaters if you are rafting in summer

Safety & Precaution

  • Because rafting can be physically strained, make sure you work out and increase your endurance and strength before you go for rafting.
  • Strengthen your upper arm and shoulder as you need it for paddling.
  • Generally, rafting is done in cold exteriors, so layer your clothing and wear warm clothes.
  • Make sure that you choose the right travel guide and pick the raft according to your choice.
  • Always wear life west. Always.
  • Never forget to wear the helmet while rafting in case of a fall off from the raft. The waters of rafting may generally have hard surfaces underneath.
  • Always keep the paddles down so that you not only control the speed and direction of raft but also don’t hit anyone with your paddle.
  • Avoid going alone, company especially professional is advisable.
  • Take breaks and also keep a check on your equipments. Repair the faults and do not ignore them.
  • Drink water to avoid dehydration and loss of energy.
  • Though you are on an adventure trip, too much excitement can be fatal. So stay calm and ride safely.

Best Rafting Destinations in the World

  • Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona
  • Tatshenshini River, British Colombia
  • Franklin River, Tasmania
  • Paro Chhu River, Bhutan
  • Zambezi River, Zambia
  • Rio Cotahuasi River,  Peru
  • Futaleufu River, Chile
  • Salmon river’s Middle Fork, Idaho, USA
  • Noce River, Italy
  • North Johnstone River, Australia