Most Beautiful Cruise Destinations in Europe


Visiting some of the best European cruise destinations will not only allow you travel through new landscapes and tourist offerings, but also brings you closer to the culture and customs that are iconic to these destinations.

With cruises, you’ll have two different ways of experiencing the vacation: by sea and by land. Here are some of the best places in Europe that are worth cruising at least once in your lifetime.

Barcelona, Spain

This vibrant city in Europe is an ideal family vacation destination. With stunning beaches, tapas bars, entertaining night life and historical buildings with stunning architecture, Barcelona is an ideal destination for everyone. Cruising along Barcelona is an incredible experience with perfect activities and guided tours.

Lisbon, Portugal

Cruising here will take you through beautiful sea side resorts and offers some of the most stunning views of the majestic monasteries and stunning museums that this place is known for. There are many guided tours that will tell you what to do at ports and what to expect at sea.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Cruising through this dazzling city in the principality of Monaco will leave the travelers immersed in the charms of Old Monaco before basking in the charming harbor. St. Nicholas’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church and the Castle Hill are some of the must-visit places. Cruise this city during the Grand Prix to experience the Formula One races.

Athens, Greece

This is surely one of the most historic and incredible places to visit in Europe. Cruising this ancient city will allow the travelers to experience the culture and develop philosophy. Whether you want to see the Acropolis or Delphi, or you just want to cruise in Poros and Hydra, there are a plethora of best activities to do on your cruise trip.

Nice, France

Located along the French Riviera, the beautiful city of Nice offers stunning views of the shoreline as you cruise through the waters. The city is wonderfully curved along the Bay of Angels and offers a lively experience of its rich heritage and culture. As it’s a world known destination for glamour and fashion, fill your off-shore time to shop for best apparel and souvenirs.