5 Most Popular Food Festivals Around the World


Whether you want to learn how to loaf your bread from a local baker in NYC or just want to tease your taste buds with locally grown food in Australia, food festivals are the best way to appreciate different flavours that the world of food has to offer. They are best attended as part of your travel plans to different places as your tour them. We’ve covered 5 such mouth-watering food festivals from around the world for you to feast on!

1. Pizzafest, Naples, Italy

Every year in September, the Lungomare Caracciolo waterfront area in Naples will convert into a Pizza Village for an entire week. This event attracts over 500,000 people from all over the world and features more than 100, 000 pizzas. The event is also known for its World Pizza-Making Championship.

2. Isle of Wight Garlic Festival, UK

The Garlic Festival is held every summer near Newchurch and the scenic surroundings of the Isle of Wight. The event features massive marquees of garlic and also presents all-day cookery demos. It also includes entertainment and live music and a fun fair to attract people of all ages.

3. Phuket Vegetarian Festival, Thailand

Also called the Nine Emperor Gods Festival, this event is held during the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar and includes only vegetarian food as a way of purifying the mind and body during this holy period. The event also includes various ceremonies that are held to invoke the Gods.

4. Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival, United States

This cheese festival is held for 3 days in the first weekend of June every year. The Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival is being celebrated since 1988 and takes place in Little Chute. Apart from tasting the fresh produce of cheese from the nearby farms, visitors also get to enjoy live music and cheese eating contest in this family event.

5. Chocolate Rush Festival, Australia

This is an extravagant festival for the chocolate lovers that’s been running successfully since 2007. Over the time the Chocolate Rush Festival has grown into a large event bringing people from all over the world to give them the deliciousness of chocolates. The festival also holds wonderful educational and entertaining events.

While most these food festivals are dedicated for exhibiting the local culture and talent, they also speak a lot about the customs of different places and provide a wonderful way to exhibit the local life to travelers. In fact, food is one of the few things that brings all facets of varying cultures together to celebrate the events and taste the deliciousness that these places have to offer.