10 Must-See Places in Vienna


Once the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna is today a destination people are travelling to seeking some time away from the hustle-bustle to consume some of Europe’s art and culture. From its fields of tulips to its architecture, Vienna is beautiful, refreshing with the legacy of rich history.

The legacy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, influence from Bohemia and other parts of Europe blend to make Austria not only a cultural melting pot, but also a food-lover’s delight. Travel to Vienna armed with this list of Vienna attractions that you cannot afford to miss when you’re there.

1. Hofburg Palace

The Imperial Palace built in the 13th century for the Hasburg Dynasty; it is presently used in parts by the President of Austria. It is the ultimate symbol of the luxury and decadence of the royalty in the Baroque style.

2. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

The seat of the Archbishop of Vienna was completed in the year 1160 in a combination of Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The dark stone structure is notable for its diamond-patterned roof and for the art that can be found inside its walls.

3. Schonbrunn Palace

In its premises, the Schonbrunn Palace has what is considered to be the first recorded zoo. It has thousands of rooms, and it’s a cultural attraction that draws thousands of tourists to its expansive interiors.

4. Belvedere

This building complex has the greatest collection of paintings of Gustav Klimt including ‘The Kiss’ and ‘Judith’, and has exhibitions of art all year around. Tickets are available at the website of the Belvedere to avoid hassle.

5. Austrian National Library

The largest library in Austria is also home to a collection of over seven million items. It was named the ‘Imperial Library’ during the reign of the Hasburg. The Prunskaal or the central structure of the library is a must see for everyone.

6. Prater Park

It is a large public park occupying over six million square metres. The park’s Jesuitenweise trees offer a perfect backdrop for an afternoon picnic. It also has a giant ferris wheel that is open to visitors for a thrilling ride all year around.

7. Donauturm Observation Terrace

This observation terrace offers an enchanting view of the city from the height of a hundred and fifty metres. Dine at the restaurant with an endless view of Vienna in the backdrop either by day or at night when the lights come on.

8. Technisches Museum Wien

It is a technical museum opened in 1918 that showcases articles of science, communication and industrial artefacts. It is ideal to visit with your children, as there are demonstrations of various instruments that will not only entertain but also enlighten.

9. Hundertwasserhaus

An apartment block designed by the famed contemporary artist Friedens Reich Hundertwasser, it is colourful and is built in a unique style that makes it an instant attraction for tourists. It can only be viewed from the outside. However, the Hundertwass Square is open to everyone.

10. Austrian Parliament Building

Built in the neo-classical style, it was built to be the seat of power for the Austrian counterpart of the Imperial Austro-Hungarian dynasty. It has Greek overtones and you will find yourself outside the statue of the great Franz Joseph seen giving upon his subjects the constitution.