10 Best World Cities to Enjoy Night Life


Most cities in the world have a typical scenario. The sun sets and people return home for a peaceful sleep. But then, there is a strong aberration to this rule in different parts of the world. Some cities never sleep. In fact, the night, or must we say their Day starts after the sun has gone down.

And the whole city-sphere comes to life when the clock strikes nine and higher! The spectacular cabarets, casinos in some cases, jazz clubs, gin bars… the list is interminable. If you are one of those night-life worshippers, here is a list of 10 best world cities that you must take note of.

1. Las Vegas

There is no dearth of nightlife activities in this Sin City. New clubs spring up almost regularly, with bars and casinos dotting every corner. For a ritzy and chic setting, you have a list of swanky hotels. The bars offer extensive and impressive range of cocktail and drink menu, at the same time exuberating elegance and refinement through their classic décor. The Las Vegas night life is reflected in many movies like the Ocean’s trilogy and The Hangover series which depicts the amount of sin and fun going on in this Sin City.

2. London

London is always viewed by the world travellers just as a serious historic city but in fact there are very few cities in the world that can beat the night life of this world-financial capital. Ranging from comedy cabarets to live jazz music to swanky boutique bars to inventive cocktail menu, London nights offer something for everyone for a perfect late-night revelry. Dusty sapphire walls and romantic décor are a characteristic of the bars here. You can experience traditional pub experience too in some old styled taverns. Royal Opera House is a must visit for art aficionados.

3. New York City

This is purely the city that never sleeps. For a late night reveller is simply spoiled for choices. Get unique drinking experience at Pouring Ribbons. Apart from the highly refreshing cocktail at the bar, this place offers an extensive charcuterie menu. Another bar Dead Rabbit offers a more relaxed drinking atmosphere. Its basement taproom serves craft beer, whiskies and bottled punch while the upstairs parlour offers 72 cocktails centred on different historical periods. The bar- list is simply unending in the Big Apple City.

4. Berlin

This German capital is home to the trendiest bars in the word and is one of the best nightlife cities. Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg are the Mecca for revellers as they offer a plethora of late-night partying options.  If you are someone with a taste for a warehouse or an underground party head to Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte. Just check out the right corners and you are sure to get plenty of occasions for round-the-clock partying. Berlin is ideal for having bachelor parties and most of the bachelors prefer celebrating their parties in this beautiful city due to its serene atmosphere to that of the busy life at other world capitals.

5. Amsterdam

Think nightlife, and Amsterdam is notorious for its Red Light District. Don’t restrict yourself to this tag as Amsterdam is just not restricted to its brothels and bars when it comes to enjoying the nightlife.  Venues throughout the city offer exceptional late night experiences. Movie lovers can head to The Movies, a 1912-style art house cinema. Consume the indie films and proceed to cinema’s restaurant and bar next door for drinks. You also have a contemporary music venue offering live performances with special club nights.

6. Paris

The City that houses the Eiffel Tower comes alive after hours. A visit to Moulin Rouge is a must for every itinerant. Watch the cabaret show while enjoying your champagne along with sample cuisine dished out from the venue gourmet tasting menus. Again, your Paris stay is incomplete without taking a night tour around Montmartre, down the narrow streets to Pigalle, where you get to see one of the bubbliest quarters of the world. The City of Lights is definitely seen best in all its splendour at nights when everyone wants to hit the roads to have a taste of the best wines across the calm Siene and watching passersby.

7. Ibiza, Spain

If you are a hard core party animal, you just can’t afford to miss this club circuit on earth. Ibiza’s bars, clubs and nightlife ensure that you stay energized very late into the Spanish darkness. The Nikki Beach Club is an extremely hip beach club warming your nights inside the club ambience and cooling it with a breeze near the beach. There are loads of other options to get you to slide on the soapsuds dance floors or join pool revellers

8. Rome

Night comes to life late in Rome—diners dawdle over meals up until midnight, and clubs are open up to the early morning hours. And late hours bring plenty of entertainment opportunities. At the top of the Spanish Steps is Gregory’s, one of the city’s highly celebrated jazz bars with dinner clubs. After tasting the club’s delicious cuisine as also extensive whiskey assortment, enjoy live jazz performance in the lounge. Do stop by a wine bar Il Piccolo—just adjacent to the Piazza Navona.

9. Bangkok

As an outsider, you might get scared with a reputation of Bangkok getting rowdy after-hours. Don’t worry, there are numerous upscale locales offering a highly sophisticated late-night experience. Head to State Tower and climb onto the 63rd floor via elevator. You reach Sky Bar, a rooftop cocktail lounge offering panoramic scenes of the city amidst scintillating lights. For an intimate drinking experience, visit Le Derriere, the city’s lone absinthe bar.

10. Hong Kong

Even after the clock strikes ten, this city’s hustle-and-bustle won’t end. The city’s wide range of bars, clubs and evening markets propose manifold opportunities for late-night fun. Food lovers must directly head to the Temple Street Night Market. The aromas of delicious Cantonese food, with the fortune-tellers and acrobats vying for visitors’ attention is a true delight. For late-night drinks, check out Aqua Spirit, a bar located on the topmost floor of the city’s tallest skyscrapers.