10 Best U.S. Destinations for Singles


Whether you are just interested in solo travel or looking for adventures of exotic travel, there are some best travel spots for singles around the world that offer the most scenic beauties and vibrant nightlife to indulge all by yourselves.

May be you also want to spend some time all by yourself and actually everyone deserves the ‘me time’. These best destinations for singles are perfect for everyone including the lovers of art and culture and gastronomy as you can find anything and everything here to meet your heart’s content. Take a look at some of the most beautiful spots around the world that are ideal for singles.

1. Las Vegas

Singles have so many options in this Sin City. You can party through the night in the nightclubs, attend music shows, visit art galleries, and go shopping and much more. Randolph, the tavern modelled spot at Broome is a hit with singles, as it provides comfy seating, great coffee and fresh cocktails. 

2. Trenton

In the metro area of Trenton, singles can easily find dating hot spots. You can visit the planetarium or take a trip to the Grounds for Sculpture to see art work. You can find great restaurants to dine and parks and galleries to go for a leisurely stroll in Princeton.

3. Austin

This is the best singles spot if you are looking for a steady job and an economical place to live. You can attend live music concerts that are held in most places around the town and these will be free in most cases. Food lovers have a variety of dining options to choose from.

4. Miami

There are a number of cool and happening hangouts around this city for singles. Cavalli and like Wall are the famous hot spots where you can catch celebs too. There is Tamarina where you can catch happy hour cocktails at reasonable prices. The nightclubs and huge parties attract many tourists to this place. 

4. Iowa

Iowa City is a small, budget friendly place that is perfect for singles. You can find reasonably priced eateries and happy hours here. When you go downtown, you can find many galleries, theatres, shops and dining options. You can catch a free music show on some Saturdays at Weather dance Fountain Stage. 

5. Milwaukee

Most singles will love this place, as it has a great social ambience to chill and meet up. Many musical shows and festivals are held all through the year, such as the Rock the Green festival and the annual summer fest. You can dine at the waterfront eateries at River Walk downtown or enjoy buffets at Walker’s Point.

6. New Orleans

Singles can have the best of time hanging around the bars, catching up festivals and partying through weekends in this city. Hot spots to meet up include the Hi-Ho Lounge for dance parties on Saturdays, Fulton Alley for bowling and Bacchanal wine bar.

7. Columbus

This city provides affordable living and a varied social scene for singles. You can catch art works and music shows for free at the Short North Gallery. Sport lovers can purchase tickets at cheap rates to watch their favourite games. You can also take a romantic walk through the vast Whetstone Park to see the seasonal blooms without having to pay anything.

8. Santa Barbara

This city with hundreds of restaurants, nightclubs and beer bars, is an ideal dating pool for singles. For adventure lovers, there are biking trails and hikes. You can go for a walk on the vibrant beaches or a wine country trip to enjoy its scenic beauty.

9. Nashville

This city is popular for music as well as for friendly locals. You can catch concerts at Mercy Lounge, the Sutler Saloon or at The 5 Spot. Nashville’s popular barbecue which comprises of milkshakes and brisket platter is a huge hit with the visitors. Nashville is a fun hangout for singles.  

10. Los Angeles

The numerous bars in the city attract huge crowds and it’s the best way to meet new people or mingle with the locals. In the bar 82, you can try your hand at pinball machine, play games such as Tron and enjoy some amazing cocktails. Another bar called The Varnish is popular with the outsiders for its cool ambience.