Parenting Goals for Happy Parenting


Parenthood is not an easy course. It’s riddled with bumps and challenges and also embellished with wonderful and rewarding moments. It requires love, dedication and patience and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed along the way.

Every day is a good time to take stock, and make good on the blunders of the past. Make resolutions that are in line with your life’s purpose and principles. Your initial efforts may not produce immediate results. Be persistent and focus on the process instead. Try out these parenting goals for happy parenting.

GOAL#1 I’ll Communicate

Your ability to influence your child in a positive way depends on communication. You should spend more time communicating with our children. Be available, give them undivided attention, and listen. Be non-judgmental and accept your children for what they are, regardless of what they have said or done.

GOAL#2 I’ll Be Involved

Learning can have a lasting impact if children engage in powerful and constructive learning instead of merely absorbing information. You have to be involved in raising a lifelong learner by simplifying concepts that kindle their curiosity, build their perseverance and hone their ability to tackle challenges.

GOAL#3 I’ll Strive to be a Positive Role Model

Remember, your child is your mirror. They see how you handle stress, happiness as well as relationships. Set a positive example to bring out the best in your child. Take a self-check on how you respect yourself/others, how you communicate and your general outlook towards life.

GOAL#4 I’ll Cap My Own Screen Time

Research suggests that more screen time impedes a child’s interpersonal skills as well as their ability to recognize emotions. Children replicate what they see at home. You need to limit your time on the iPad or laptop when your children are awake. You can’t convince them that a lot of screen time is harmful if you don’t practice what you preach.

GOAL#5 I’ll Actually Mean What I Say

Effective parents are consistent with their actions and words. Your child will respect you when you clearly communicate what you expect from him. If you don’t mean what you say, you’ll confuse your child and, as a result, he will refuse to listen to you. Instead, he will negotiate, plead and even disregard your word. Lay down firm, explicit rules and practice consistency.

GOAL#6 I’ll Eat Healthy

Give a healthy start to the year by educating your kids on the pitfalls of eating sugary treats and drinks. Prepare healthy meals together at home. When they does well in school, you have to pinpoint to them that this is because they have been eating healthy. It’s a conscious effort where you make them feel that home-cooked food is healthy as well as enjoyable for the family.

GOAL#7 I’ll Make an Effort to Carve Out ‘Me Time’

You can be a happy parent only when you are happy as a person. It’s one of the preconditions to being a better parent. A child will feel secure only when you sort out your own problems and have a good, cheerful disposition.

GOAL#8 I’ll Parent in Accordance With Today

We use time-tested methods to discipline children without achieving the desired result. “But discipline received from our parents need not be carried forward to our children. We must contextualize discipline that fits today’s life and environment. Try to think like a child of today when you mete out punishments or rewards.

GOAL#9 I’ll Focus on The Positives of My Child

In the minefield of parenting, it’s easy to focus on the negatives of your child. How about feeding the positive to beget positive behaviour? Whenever your kid gets ready for school on time, appreciate him/her and you can notice that they continue the good behaviour. Moving forward, catch them doing good more often to bring out the best in them.

GOAL#10 I’ll Build Memories

Spend meaningful time with your kids to show how special they are. Instead of scheduling quality time, you can build memories by cleaning together, playing games, snuggling or having bedtime fun. Children love cycling with dad, reading books and listening to stories on planets and asteroids.

GOAL#11 I’ll Stay Calm

It’s natural to fly off the handle when your child acts rude, irresponsible or ignores you. You don’t get your message across when you yell and you hurt your peace of mind as well as your child’s self-esteem. Help your kids develop self-control, self-discipline and empathy with calm parenting. Being calm for a few minutes and talking in a way that your child understands will make a lot of difference.

GOAL#12 I’ll Get Organized

Last-minute stress creates a lot of negativity, and that can ruin your family’s day. Build routines that will simplify the day and the week, such as mealtime discipline, tidying up, getting school bags and uniforms in order the night before, and you’ll find the going much easier for everyone. A little planning goes a long way.