How Working Moms Can Improve Their Parenting Skills


With more moms than ever being in the workforce in today’s world, it is no surprise that many full-time working mothers have a feeling of guilt as they cannot reach the ideal work-life balance.

Rather than worrying over the divided attention between family and work, professional mothers need to focus more on managing their time in the best way possible and get organized to find the right balance between parenting and profession. Here are some of the proven ways how working mothers can improve their parenting skills to get the right balance between family and work.

Make Your Mornings Easier

Get organized the night before to avoid running after time during busy mornings. Lay out your kids’ clothes at night together with yours so that there’s no confusion and arguing about what to wear. Make and follow a to-do list that includes schedule for groceries and cooking. Get showered and dressed up before the kids wake up so that you can spend some time before you rush out the house.

Stay Connected Even When Away

It is important to stay connected with your children even when you are not together. Pull out some time during office breaks to call and talk to your kids. This will help parents to get through even a rough day at work while it will assure the kids that you’re near. If there are any special events like a birthday and you know you’ll be late, give them something in the morning and make sure the event is filmed so that you do not miss any moment.

Listen To Your Kids

Listen actively to what your kids have to say and don’t forget to ask them questions about their fear and anxiety if they are not paying attention. Give your complete attention by making eye contact and reassuring them about their hopes. Your body language and sinking in what is being said than focusing on response will make the kids feel that they are heard and can feel your love for them.

Limit Distractions

Set your limits for checking your emails and making your calls when at home. Most of these things can be done when the kids are sleeping. If you are multitasking while spending time with your kids, the distractions will make the work less productive while making the kids feel that you are not disciplined or planned. Reducing your TV time while at home will also give you more time to spend with family.

Create Special Family Activities

Whether it is during the time of the week or during a weekend, making time for your kids is very crucial. But spending some quality time with kids will allow everyone to bond well with each other. Breakfast with family members and a family night playing and watching movies with kids matter a lot as long as you do it together. Just make sure that you avoid frequently checking your phone and discussing about your work.

Most important of all, let go of the guilt that you do not have enough time to spend with your family. Rather, focus on how your work is beneficial for the family. Being the most successful career mom is to find a way to be efficient in both the worlds and this comes with setting the priorities and focusing on good choices.