8 Ways to Tame Your Kids’ Temper Tantrums


Tantrums are normal part of child development and happen mostly when kids can’t get what they want or when they are uncomfortable, too tired or hungry. However, it can be tough for the parents to keep themselves from having similar meltdowns when they see their kids crying over nothing.

But parents have to learn to avoid getting in their way and allow the kids to deal with their frustration over time. Good parenting is all about giving clear explanations, being empathetic but firm when talking with kids and helping the child to feel loved always are some of the ways to deal with temper tantrums. Here are some parenting tips and simple steps to deal with kids when they are having temper tantrums.

1. Avoid Tantrums in the First Place

The best way to prevent tantrums is to avoid them from happening in the first place. For this, parents need to give their kids some control over little things that matter most to them like having their choice of food or letting them to watch cartoons over your favourite show. Rewarding your little one for positive behaviour will also help in developing the habit of being good. As little ones have a very short attention span, parents should distract their child by offering something in the place of what they can’t have.

2. Stay Calm

Keeping cool is one of the most important things when it comes to dealing with your kid’s temper tantrum. You’ll only further complicate the problem and provoke the kids if you are angry or frustrated over their behaviour. Instead, stay calm and help your child how to calm down. As the actions of parents always set an example for their behaviour, spanking and hitting should be completely avoided. Again, depending on the reason behind your child’s upset, how you handle the tantrum should also differ accordingly. While sometimes it is better to ignore a tantrum, at other times you should provide comfort to calm them down.

3. After the Tantrum

After you child calms down, do not give in and offer what they actually wanted. This will only prove to the kids that the tantrum has worked and may even regularly fake one to get what they want. Instead, praise them verbally for regaining control and give a hug to reassure that you always love them no matter what. Kids come to know that they have not been so adorable due to the tantrum and the comfort and caring that you show following a tantrum will assure them to believe in you.

4. Know the Reasons

Kids want to be heard, and the best way to express themselves and grab some attention is by throwing a tantrum. Take their concerns seriously and ask them what they want. Knowing what is wrong and listening to their response will help parents a lot. Give your full time for them to explain things to you. Kids should always have a right to express their feelings whether they want a new toy or just want to go on a ride with you.

5. Give Clear Explanations

Most parents just say ‘no’ instead of explaining the reason to kids. While it may seem something regular to parents, that’s really frustrating for the kids. Provide reasons for your actions but just don’t give long-winded explanations. Kids just don’t like that coming in their way. Telling the reason why they can’t have something they demanded or why they can’t go outside will help the kids in sensing things and to be more in control of the situation.

6. Laugh It Off

Every parent is afraid of public tantrums for obvious reasons. You might be worried that people will think that you are a bad parent or that you have raised a kid who is out of control. What might be the reason, it is really hard for any parent to resist from making choices that will lead to more fits. If you get angry or out of control, kids will think that the trick works and start melting down to get what they want even if it is not good for them. Instead, suck up your anger and put a smile on your face and pretend that everything is fine. This will make kids that you are in control of the situation and get along with you instead.

7. Give Some Space

Sometimes kids just want to vent out their anger. So just let them. It will teach them to be able to get their feelings out and then regain control over themselves. However, make sure that kids get their anger out in a non-destructive way without hurting themselves or others; and without causing any damage to anything that’s around them. Get close with them after they calm down to ensure them that they always have a safe way and place to get their emotions out.

8. Create a Diversion

This trick works well with kids aged up to 4-5 years. Keep them engaged and interested in something else so that they will forget about the tantrum that they were about to have. Diverting your kids from having a tantrum is of utmost important when you are in public. Carry some kind of distractions like their favourite toy or books and even snacks. Parents should also learn to catch a meltdown in time and play the distraction trick to stop it from happening at all.