10 Fun Activities For Sick Kids


When your little ones under the weather, it’s tough to get anything done around the house as they will want you by their side all the time.

Watching movies or playing video games will make them feel even more tired, and will soon lead to boredom, anyway! Hence, to the rescue some interesting activities that will keep your kid entertained, while not exhausting them and yet keeping crankiness at bay. While providing them with plenty of much-required rest and relaxation, here are the 10 fun activities for sick kids.


Pick their favourite books, snuggle in bed together and weave a world of imagination by reading them their favourite stories. Point to illustrations and ask questions to keep them hooked. Books with flaps and textures are great for exploring together. Make the experience more appealing and cherish worthy for your child by imitating a character from the book. Sing songs and make mistakes with a purpose to get caught! Kids love it when they are able to reverse the tables by catching parents making mistakes. And just in case your child is bored looking at books, consider listening to stories on audio tapes.

Picture Building

Colouring is an excellent boredom buster for sick tots. Grab a few sheets and crayons or her favourite colouring book and let your child colour away. Make it more fun with games like picture building where both of you take turns to scribble the picture of the word that you say. Ask your child to make up a story with all the pictures that are drawn. Since they are interested in drawing, you also draw a picture where you build a scene, such as the mountains, followed by trees, a pond, etc. This keeps them engrossed for a while and works when they are sick.

Photo Albums

If your little tot is the kind who loves to relive the past, then pull out his baby book or a family album. Toddlers love looking at their photos of eating, playing in the sand, crying or being in your arms. Jog down the memory lane looking at such family pictures. You can also create a scrapbook together using pictures from magazines and write simple captions for each picture to keep him occupied for a longer duration.

Pretend Play

Pretend or imaginative play helps children use their imagination and keeps them in bed for a long period. Try hospital games where your child plays the doctor who takes care of and cures his/her sick stuffed toys. Pretend to be the characters from the stories that you read to them and twist the tale to make up a funny drama, which keeps them happy while in bed. Pretend play has deep roots in reality, it helps them practice social situations and play out fears and anxiety in a safe place.

Wall Shadows

Dim the lights, put on some soothing music and start a shadow show with you and your child as the artists. Yes! All you need to do is make some fun shapes with your fingers and cast them on a wall. Make ants crawl and get monkeys to dance just with a twist of your fingers. You can even have a monster fight – your fingers moving against his/her tiny ones. This will also work towards fine-tuning your kid’s motor skills.

Park Perks

Sometimes spending too much indoors may make your kid sick more. A short walk in the garden or in a nearby park can do wonders for your little one. Go for it if you think it’s comfortable for your child to step out for a while. Watching kids play or observing nature can rejuvenate her and the fresh breeze too will do a lot of good and make her feel less sick. Watching birds and pets in action in the garden always makes children feel peppier.

Play-Doh Play

Although messy, Play-Doh is fun and helps when your toddler gets fussy with food. Let his/her little fingers get busy with creative shapes and figures while you can take advantage of the time to feed him/her. Consider using home-made play dough with food colours, which is safe for toddlers. Your tots can become junior chefs and can make crazy cupcakes and colourful play-doh cookies.

Scavenger Hunt

If your child can move around, you can ask him/her to find things around the house that are orange in colour or look for items starting with a particular alphabet. You can also play on the bed. Have a big bag filled with safe miscellaneous items and ask him/her to find the things that you say out loud, within a time limit. Scavenger hunts add something extra to ordinary events and make them fun and memorable.

Collage Craft

Let your child go snip, snip, to keep him/her occupied for a long time. Of course, under your supervision! Have a big bag filled with safe miscellaneous items in it and ask him/her to find the things that you say out loud, within a time limit. Depending on your child’s mood, come up with a theme to create a small collage- think family tree, animals, birds, fairies, seasons or any theme that portrays emotions. Make the collage using different shapes. Pictures cut out from magazines, newspapers or even catalogues are a good start. Glue them onto the sheet and decorate with colours.

Bottles And Lids

Playing with bottle tops is simple and fun. Get small plastic bottles along with their caps. Take all the caps off and let your toddler get busy matching the lids. They will put them on, remove them and maybe even start all over again. You can further improve upon the game by asking them to count or sort the lids according to colours and sizes. Another idea is to ask them to trace a bottle cap on paper with different coloured sketch pens to make simple patterns.