Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Sprucing up your home’s exterior doesn’t require a major overhaul. Even small design changes and subtle upgrades can make a lot of difference in improving your home’s curb appeal that is the focal point of your home and the first thing anyone entering into your house will see.

Most of the home buyers also decide whether to buy a house or not based on its curb appeal which means that it will also give you the best bang for the buck. Here are some of the most inspiring ways to upgrade your porch or landscape the yard to increase the overall appearance and value of your home.

Revamp the Front Door

The front door is not only the entry point but also the focal point of a home that improves the curb appeal. Give it a blast of colour to make a statement or even you might consider replacing it for better. Replace the old hardware on the front door and clean off any dirty spots. Creating a perfect symmetry with light fixtures and ornamental plants is also a good way to improve the curb appeal.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Together with placing light fixtures above and beside the front door, invest in some low-voltage landscape lighting that makes a huge impact on the overall appearance of the home and garden. It also gives a lot of security and safety along with enhancing the appeal of the house. Some of the best ideas to lighting include illuminating the walking paths or adding some strip lights to the trees.

Create a Container Garden

You can create a quick garden with some ornamental and succulent plants that increase the overall appearance of the home. For a quick and affordable makeover, invest in some ready-made containers that you can adorn with your favourite plants. Create a dynamic setting by arranging the planters asymmetrically in different levels make sure to highlight the entry way.

Add Some Outdoor Art

Water-proof garden sculptures, birdbaths, wind chimes and metal cut outs add little spunk to the outdoor area while complementing the home. If at all you want to place any fountains in the garden, make sure that they are placed on level to the ground where they can be easily seen. Make sure that you place the fountains way from big trees as leaf dropping will need constant cleaning.

Renew Exteriors

Renew the exteriors by painting, siding and trimming them as this will play a major role in giving the facelift that you’ve been looking for. Schedule a periodic maintenance so that it will keep the exterior surface looking at its best for months to come. Together with this, repair or replace any gutters and downspouts that create water puddles and add some new fence panels to complete the look.