Sustainable Living: Ways to Go Green At Home


We’ve all heard about the home improvement tips that frequently suggest us to embrace green living practices to make our homes, and the Earth, a better place for us and the future generations.

As often they have been said, they have indeed been ignored as many times resulting in the ever-increasing temperatures around the world and climate change. Have you ever wondered that you can do your part in tackling global warming and climate change by practicing simple energy conservation methods at home? Here are some of such ways that not only help you and the environment, but also make sure that you make a wonderful place to live for the future generations too.

Going Green Round the Clock

From brewing your first coffee in the mornings to cuddling yourself to sleep at nights, there are many ways where you can follow and set the green rules. From using coffee that has organic label and is certified by the USDA to turning off your electronics before going to bed, there are many sustainable ways that are often ignored.

Green Your Home Office

While at office, switching your computer to ‘sleep’ mode if you are away for more than twenty minutes has a long way to go in saving energy and the environment as is using your office copier to print on both sides of paper. Make sure that you use more natural light instead of lighting as this will enhance the work atmosphere while also reducing any negative effects on your health.

Teach Kids to Save Energy At Young Age

Kids often play video games on consoles and watch their favourite shows but tend to forget to plug off the device after using them. Plugging off the devices from the wall can save as much as $200 per year. Inculcate green living habits in kids at an early age like giving plastic bottles and can for recycling and reduce water wastage while bathing and brushing so that they grow up as responsible adults.

Green Your Rides

Keep an eye on the average miles per gallon for your car to save both money and the environment. Analysts opine that if all the cars in the US averaged 45 mpg, the country could save as many as 3.1 million barrels of oil per day. Here’s what you need to do to increase your mpg:

Drive Slowly: It doesn’t mean that you need to go at a snail’s pace but that slowing down even 10 miles per hour can contribute to almost a dollar on your next gallon of gas. As more speed mean more guzzling, slowing down dramatically increases the fuel usage.

Check Air: Regularly check the pressure in each of the car’s tires and see if the pressure is in tune with the guidelines mentioned in the manual. Having the recommended air pressure will increase the mileage by about 4 percent.

Keep the Air Out: Replace the air filters regularly to keep the air out. Experts say that replacing an old oxygen sensor with a new one can increase the mileage of the car by as much as 15 percent.

Ways to Green Your Home

Simple things like planting trees around your home based on the Sun’s orientation can cut down your cooling and heating costs for the year up to $250. Installing dimmer switches around the home, using low-flow shower heads, and switching over to Energy Star rated CFLs can all payback over the device’s lifetime. Wrapping insulation blankets around the water hear can lower its running costs for the entire year as is running the dishwasher full whenever possible.

Together with these, there are many ways to go green at home such as installing a programmable thermostat that can save up to $200 every year and switching over to front-loading washing machines that tend to use less water. Installing low-flush toilets, growing organic manure for your garden plants, and buying organic veggies and fruits all have a long way to go in greening your lifestyle.