How to Set up an Efficient Home Office


When you work from home, be it for an organization or your personal venture, it is a workplace for you for a specified period of working hours. Generally, even if you have flexible work timings, you spend a roundabout for 8 to 9 hours. It is important to make it feel like a cozy workplace where you find comfort to work and make the most of it.

Also, if you have any clientele up for a meeting, the home office should provide the necessary professional environment. So it is important to think and choose an appropriate way to design a home office. Set up an efficient home office with the following ideas.

How to Create a Home Office

  • You can first choose the location of your home office. If you have ample space and an entire room can be dedicated as a home office, make sure you pick the right room which has good privacy, is easily accessible to outsiders and preferably near the door. If possible, you can choose a room with separate entrance so as to avoid the entry of strangers or professional colleagues into the house. If you do not have the above given option, you can choose the study room which many apartments are already provided with. You can also team up and combine your storage room or the basement into your home office. This will be a space saver and will also give you the needed privacy.
  • The other most important feature that should be taken care of is that the room is well lit and well ventilated. The one with natural light and natural ventilation is the best suitable option. If that isn’t possible, add artificial but ample lighting to the room because that gives the right atmosphere to concentrate.
  • Choose decent colour schemes for the walls of the home office as it should be uniform and look professional. Also, very dark or loud colours kill the seriousness around the office. Doesn’t mean you cannot make it colourful or playful, you can, just keep it simple!
  • The most important factor for designing any home office is the vast storage facility. There is so much to store including gadgets, devices, documents and files. The more the storage space, the better the organized look of the home office.

Must-Haves For Home Office

  • Comfortable sitting arrangements for those long working hours.
  • If you working in a team, chairs and desks for an individual colleague.
  • All the accessories you need for your work. This may include books, magazines, journals, devices and other appliances.
  • A computer.
  • A printer preferably a digital colour printer.
  • Internet connection, Wifi is the most desirable.
  • A telephone connection for all your professional calls.
  • A bulletin board and a whiteboard.
  • A projector if your work is presentation oriented.
  • Water dispensers at hand.
  • Lots of fresh, crisp printing papers, files, labels and stationery.

Home Office Storage Solutions

The home office may run out of the storage space if you use the provided storage space in a conventional manner. It is important thus to act smart and give it a thought while designing the home office. You can find a number of designs that will save a lot of space and provide you with more space to tuck in your items.

Following are some tricks that can act as a solution

  • Foldable tables, chairs and desks.
  • Space saver chairs and desks which are not bulky in size.
  • Box storages where you can store and the same can be used as a table or a desk. Also, smaller boxes can be used to store items as well as to sit.
  • You can stack the books or magazines in a corner and thus the space for them in a closet will be saved.
  • Rolling file cabinet to store all those bills, documents and records.
  • Add creative items to store all the stationery on the table or desks itself. Add fancy key holders, old jars turned into pencil holders and use your imagination to its best.
  • Avoid unmovable furniture.

Additional Tips

  • Personalise your home office with a family picture, souvenirs and DIY projects.
  • Ergonomics – your computer screen should be at eye level; Your keyboard position should be such that your forearms are parallel to the floor.
  • Embrace natural light but don’t forget the lamps.
  • Create some comfy space – you probably need a place to think or read. 
  • Add greenery – plants give a feel that you are close to nature.
  • Hide things that you don’t want to look at such as cords and cable running all over the place.

This and a lot more can be done to creatively turn your home into a home office. Make your home office a lovable place to work at!