Interior Design Trends for the Year


Most of the home owners decide on revamping their home to make it cost while also increasing its value and aesthetics. In fact, recent surveys also indicate that there will be a sudden surge in home improvement projects for the next few years as more and more people are looking to spice up their spaces.

Some may even consider home renovation as a better option to add value to their homes if at all they plan to sell their home at a later stage. So, whether you are renovating your home to just upgrade or updating it to sell overtime, here are some of the best interior design trends of the year that will ease others out of the spot light.

More Flexible Space

The idea with having a more open floor plan is to design it according to your taste and requirements at a later stage. Given this, the open floor plans is still one of the popular choices for many home buyers and with those planning on giving the home an instant upgrade. While dedicated sitting and dining areas are common in every home, the benefit of having a more open floor space gives them the flexibility to personalize.

Old Design with Modern Inspiration

It looks like the design movement of the mid-century has made a comeback and is going to stick for some time. Thanks to its simple utility and clean lines, more homes are embracing this style to bring in some mid-century pieces into their home design. However, the trend may transform a bit so it is important to keep an eye out before settling down on something that may need to be changed later. Stick around some traditional pieces of furniture like a chair and coffee table and leave more room to accept change.

Brown Décor

Most of the interior design trends today are embracing the return of the brown décor to beautify homes. While grey was the neutral colour that has inspired many homes for the past few years, more brown colours in décor and furniture is the trend now-a-days with chocolate brown having more prominence than others. The reason behind this is because the colour fits more naturally into our surroundings while being trendy and more soothing.

More Bright Paints

Neutral colours and earth tones have always been the primary choices when it comes to painting the interior walls. But, this year is expected to see more pops of bright colour like ultraviolet and royal blue in design trends. Home owners are tilting towards these colours like deep purple as they communicate originality. So, while neutral colours will still be there, this year is expected to see a steady increase in jewel tones and bright colours that reflect visionary thinking.

Bright Metallic Hues

Rose gold has been the ruling colour for quite some time now with light fixtures, jewellery and even the iPhones taking the colour to reflect their uniqueness. Some people even choose rose gold for frames of paintings and other metallic décor items. But now seems to be the right time for the colour to be done. More colours of non-rose gold variety are ruling the trend and it even looks like there’s a comeback for traditional brass variety as it is quietly making way into lighting and bath fixtures.